Wednesday, February 17, 2010

1 Down, 5 More to Go!

Well everyone, I made it through my first chemo treatment!! Hip hip hooray!! Now have a beer for me and celebrate because I had enough cocktails for one day. I got there a little before 1pm (my appointment time) and I didn't get brought back to the chemo room until about 1:20pm. I picked a chair (in the back corner) and soon realized that would be the 1st of 4 chairs because the sun kept following me! Ha. I waited some more, got my anti-nausea medicine for home and the pill I have to take before my treatment starts. Then, she got me hooked up to an IV (on my left forearm pretty much) and in went the more anti-nausea medicine in a drip IV line...that took about 1/2 hour to empty. After that she came back (Anne was my nurse today!) and she put in a separate syringe of one of my drugs (I can't remember which one) right into my IV. That took about 5 minutes...they insert 2 of them (not sure why but they do and they have to monitor the IV to make sure it's all working properly). After that one came my red one...and it was cold, but it felt good because I've been hot all day long!! Weird...but I think it has to be a side effect from the Prednisone that I started taking this morning. This HUGE syringe she brought out contained my red juice. That took a bit longer to get in...probably about 15 minutes.

After that I was given another IV bag with my final cocktail in it. This one took a little over an hour to drip I think but as soon as it was done, I was able to go! Yippee!!

About halfway thru the last cocktail it hit me like a ton of I'm tired and really weak! I just didn't want to move and I still feel that way but that's to be expected!

We got home, my Dad, bless his heart couldn't take the mess on my driveway anymore from a shedding tree so he did some yard work for me and Mom was just inside with me. Shortly after Dad left my Mom got to fixing dinner. I was pretty hungry and it sounded so good at the time...but I missed my window of opportunity. SO SAD. The nausea was starting to kick in. The thought of food did not sound good at all. Mom thoroughly enjoyed it though and I hope I will enjoy the leftovers tomorrow. I was still drinking lots of water and just holding it in!!

I have done great hugging the toilet yet!! I'm very proud of myself and so is Mom. She's shocked that I haven't ran to the bathroom yet. HAHAHA. I did get down an Ensure drink too...I hadn't eaten since this morning's breakfast and then some crackers during Chemo so I knew I had to eat something. That has settled just fine.

The BEST part of today is that I can already feel it working. Those cancer cells are dying as we speak because my pain has subsided. You have no idea how good this feels!! I haven't taken a pain pill since 12:30pm today and I was up to every 4 hours so this is VAST improvement!! I'm so happy.

So besides being weak, tired and bit nauseous I'm doing GREAT! Oh and I have occasional small bouts of hiccups!! So funny. Let's hope tomorrow isn't any worse....

Thanks to everyone for the positive thoughts today. I appreciate it more than you know...they definitely worked.

I'll check back in tomorrow to let you know how Day #2 goes.

Love you all---


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  1. Hope today went as well as day #1! Been thinking about you and hoping you are feeling strong. I know it's not the same, but reading your blog about how you were feeling after your first "cocktail" almost sounded like being in the first trimester of pregnancy... tired, nauseous, limited energy. All very familiar so now you know what that feels like! :) Bet you didn't think that would be a side effect! Hang in there... you are gonna beat this thing!