Friday, February 12, 2010

1 Serving of Chemo Cocktail Coming Up!

Helllllo everyone! I have returned from my visit with Dr. Nabong today and we received the best news that we could have at this point in my journey. My heart is tickin' like clock-work, my bone marrow is NOT compromised and my PET Scan showed no other tumors other than in my groin/abdomen I'm at a Stage 2 folks! The best news we could have heard! He didn't seem alarmed with ANYTHING in ANY of my tests I had done this week. Thank GOD!

They are recommending (even though it is up to me) that I do the bone marrow transplant upfront after my chemotherapy treatments. I think I would be an idiot to not have this done as scary as it may be. It truly is my only chance at a definite cure and given my age I really really really don't want to experience this again in my life. So, I'm going to agree to it...unless they have a different plan of attack down the road. There is still some talking that is going on with Dr. Schriber and MD Anderson as a matter of fact. But as of now...this is what is next for me!

I start my first chemotherapy treatment on Wednesday at 1pm. My treatments will be hopefully limited to 6 and they will be 21 days apart. Each treatment will last about 1 1/2-2 hours each time. The first one is going to be done thru my arm, but I will have to get my port put in my chest after the first treatment because my arms won't be able to withstand another treatment after the 1st one. I already am getting that procedure scheduled (supposedly it's only a 20 min long process, but they do put you under). The following day AFTER each chemo treatment I go in for a shot of Neulasta (it's a white blood cell booster, a drug that helps your body make more of its own natural white blood cells to help protect you against chemotherapy-related infection). Every treatment except for my first I will have to go in the day BEFORE my treatment to get my blood work done. They will then be able to see how my counts are and to make sure that I am in fact ready for my next cocktail! Dr. Nabong will run another PET scan after my 3rd treatment to hopefully ensure that these cocktails are doing their job!

I am so relieved that I didn't hear any BAD news today...I don't think I could have taken anymore of that, but I am still scared and nervous for Wednesday because I'm not sure how my body will react to the treatment...everyone is different. The first week after each treatment will be the worst, but I will just have to find out for myself. My Mom is going to stay with me the first night to make sure I don't have any reaction to anything and my symptoms are OK. She's the best! :) As I have in everything else, I'm going to go into thinking the best and that I won't be super sick! I'm a tough cookie!!

I have been in quite some pain from that stupid bone marrow biopsy. In fact, I really can't drive right now. Part due to the bone pain and part due to my tumor (and part to the pain killers I'm on...they make me loopy!) I have just lost a lot of muscle function in my right leg so putting the pedal to the medal doesn't really work. I'm hoping that once I start treatment I will feel relief SOON!

I/we/Loco have also decided that it would be best to take me off the floor schedule for the time being. It's not fair to me, nor the girls to have to cover for me STAT if I don't feel good so I would rather just not be scheduled and if I feel like working then hopefully they will give me a shift or 2. Like I said before I don't know how I'm going to feel when this all gets started so I'd rather be safe that sorry. I still plan on doing my managerial duties, paperwork, payroll, office stuff, bill paying, etc. etc. Most importantly though, I need my rest and I need to focus on myself and getting better. Don't worry though I WILL be back, better and stronger than ever before! I just have to do some ass-kicking first!! :)

I am still grateful and truly blessed everyday for all of you in my life. I am still completely overwhelmed with everything as I seem to be getting hit hard with so much information, but luckily I have a few days to process it before I get more information! HA. I have a lot of reading material to keep me occupied this weekend, as well as the Olympics to watch and I have a hot date with my Mom and Dad on Valentine's Day for dinner and a movie. Awwwww. The best Valentine's EVER!

One day at a time is how my life is going...and trust me they keep going fast (which is good!!!). I feel like I just got up today and look it's already 6pm. I hope that time continues to fly so I can get back to being ME.

Have a great weekend everyone and HAPPY STUPID CUPID DAY! Ugh, how I hate this day. Always have. Such a lame day. For those of you that are into it, enjoy it though.

Till the next time...

Love you all--Erin

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  1. Hi Erin, Just heard about your blog from our waitress at lunch. Hoping that your chemo goes as well as can be expected tomorrow. Keep your positive attitude, and we will keep sending our best wishes and prayers your way.
    J. Fry