Friday, February 5, 2010

The Meeting with my Oncologist...

Hello all! Well, today was a good day...better than yesterday thankfully. I didn't hear anymore bad news. I truly think that was the hardest part...finding out I have cancer. Now, I'm ready to move on and tackle it. Of course I have moments, but for the most part I am being as strong as I possibly can!

I went to Ironwood Cancer and Research Center today in Mesa. I met with Dr. Scott (Dr. Nabong's Physcian's Assistant) first and got a bunch of questions answered from him. To make a long story short I have a VERY rare case of lymphoma. To be exact I have Angioimmunoblastic T-Cell Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. Whew. It accounts for 1% of all Non-Hodgkin's Lymphomas. When Dr. Nabong came in he said, we are just shocked. It's not something they see in a HEALTHY 31 year old! You all knew I was rare right? Ha. I'd like to think I am special. :) So, here's the plan.

I have to have 3 tests next week. 1. A PET scan. This will determine what stage I'm in and see if there is any other shaninigans going on anywhere else. KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED THIS COMES BACK CLEAN!! 2. A MUGA Scan. It's to test my heart and make sure that blood flows thru it like it's supposed to. The chemo treatment could affect my heart so they are making sure it works properly to begin with and then they have something to compare it to during chemo. 3. A bone marrow biopsy. This is gonna be painful. They go in thru the pelvic bone and get some bone marrow out. The thought it makes me cringe but I need to get it done. This cancer is aggressive so I MAY need a bone marrow transplant/stem-cell treatment after chemotherapy.

Yes kids I'm having chemo. Yes kids I'm losing my hair. Ahhhhhhh. It'll be OK's all part of the process to get me better!! I can do it, I know I can. They think probably only 6-8 treatments and they spread them out like 1 every 3-4 weeks. So it doesn't sound like I'll be out of commission for that long. Maybe just during my treatment week. It's aggressive so I'm pretty sure my treatment isn't going to be easy. I'm in for it.

I'm meeting with Dr. Jeff Schriber on Monday. He's a top-notch oncologist and bone marrow doctor. Should be interesting. So, everyone can breathe easy this weekend and enjoy the Superbowl and please don't worry about me. I plan on doing the same. I won't know anything new until next week. It gives me a few days to process all of this and as we all know, time is the best medicine...

Thanks again to all. I probably will never be able to say enough thanks but just know that everything is much appreciated. It's absolutely amazing. Thank you thank you thank you.



  1. Wow Erin! While I am sorry you have to deal with this - I know you are strong enough to fight!! Let us know if you need anything. I am being serious. Even if you just need a little "2-year old" time - Ethan loves to play ;0) Julie

  2. Hi Erin! We learned through my Dad's experience that you can make yourself feel sick from worry, or just let things happen day by day. The latter is much easier and I'm glad that's the route you're taking. We are all going to bug you so much with our comments, FB posts, emails, etc. that you will want to get better so we can stop pestering you! :) Love you! -Mindy

  3. Erin, I know that you have a lot of people on your side! I am one of them! I know I'm only in AZ for another 8 weeks, but I am always here for you! I was wondering if you know of where I can go to register for bone marrow donation. I have been meaning to do this for years. If there is anything I can do for you, please don't hesitate to call! My thoughts and prayers are with you! Love you EB!!!!

  4. Erin... your positive attitude ensures a quick fight and recovery. All good thoughts being sent your way.