Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pitter Patter...

Today was a perfect day to do nothing and that's exactly what I did! I slept just about as good as I did the night before and by my definition of good, it was bad. I seriously went to bed and woke up a half hour after I laid my head on the pillow thinking it had been hours and it was only a half hour. It's like my nights of sleep take forever. I guess because I keep waking up in the middle of the night. Last night I was awake for about an hour around 4:30am and decided to text my brother who I knew was working. Ha. He said he was actually feeling tired so I "woke" him up! It's kinda weird texting your brother at that hour, but hey, he entertained my while my dogs were snoring right beside me and I lay there wide awake.

Today I obviously didn't do much, it was raining off and on all day, a bit cool here and it was just a delightful day to spend in my recliner and on the couch. I took a shower and I had a visitor (Karen, one of my regulars at Loco) whom it was really nice to see. She brought me some baked goods, a potted plant of different cacti for my patio and a rain gauge! Then, it was lunchtime and nap time!

I have developed this weird pain in my mouth. No sores...I think it's more of the nerves in my mouth. It's so hard to describe but man does it hurt. Whenever I put something in my soon as it hits my tongue my nerves go crazy...very very painful. I can feel it in my jaw and in my ears. SO WEIRD. It only lasts maybe less than a minute or a few chews and then it goes away...but man that initial entry of food SUCKS! It hurts when I drink too sometimes and also when I cough (which I just realized a bit ago). So hopefully this doesn't last long, but if the problem is still there on Monday I will call my nurses and see what's up! I don't recall reading anything about this particular side effect, but I'm sure it's related.

Heck, if this is as bad as it's gets, I can handle it. It's just weird wondering, "what else is around the corner?!" The unknown is obviously still there, and I have always hated the unknown.

For instance my hair. They say I'm going to lose it, but when? I get so scared to brush my hair or touch it for fear it's going to start falling out. I am in fact getting it cut pretty darn short on Thursday because I won't be able to handle it falling out while I'm in the shower or what not. Plus, it's annoying me because it's so long and it's in the way and I just don't need to deal with it right now. Ha. Of course I would rather not lose my beautiful head of hair that I have worked so hard on, but on the bright side, it will grow back. Yippee. :)

So that my friends is the update for Saturday here in chemo land. I'm watching the Olympics with Frank by my feet with the back door open listening the remnants of the rain. What a life.

Tomorrow is yet another new day...

Love you all--E

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