Saturday, February 27, 2010

Remember, it's not a port-o-potty...

Today was port day and it wasn't port wine or anything dealing with a port o was the installation of my port catheter to make my treatments easier and so I won't look like I shoot up drugs in my arms...ha. It's a pretty common procedure for people getting multiple chemotherapy treatments. It really makes life easier and everyone is telling me I will be glad that I have it.

According to my recovery nurse I have the "Cadillac" of I'm pretty happy with that.

So, you wanna hear how it all went? Here is a recap...

Mom and Dad arrived bright and early to pick me up at 6:15am. We were of course early...we check in, got registered, got my stickers, went up to the 2nd floor and then I was promptly called back to start prep. Only 1 could go back with me so Dad went with me first. Mom waited out in the waiting room. I had to produce a pee sample (to make sure I'm not pregnant), change into the lovely gown, put on my stylish socks and climb into bed. All while my Dad turned his head...ha, funny story on how that all went down, but that's one to tell you in person...

Nurse this and Nurse that were coming in left and right to do this and that. Hook me up here, take this there, put this on me here, etc. etc. That place runs like a well oiled machine. Not a glitch. The best part was when the bartender came in to mix me up my sleepy time cocktail. HEE HEE. They started off with just a relaxing drug and oh boy was I relaxed...I was giddy and I felt drunk! Yes! I said bye to Mom and Dad (oh, they let Mom come back when I was all hooked up and stuff) and off I was down to the surgery room.

Dr. Schuster was johnny on the spot. I guess he likes to go in early so early it was. My surgery wasn't scheduled until 8:45am, but they wheeled me away at 8:05am. Sweet! Let's get this over with. I remember getting to the surgery room and them helping me move from my bed to the table, but then after that I have not the slightest clue as to what happened....I was in la la land.

The next thing I remember I was in the recovery room waking up...I felt coherent, I knew where I was, I knew what had just happened, etc. etc. I could seem my "wound" and all was well. Not too much pain then but then again I was still "under the influence" and they also used a local anesthetic on the wound. I got some ice chips (mind you I hadn't had food or any water since 11pm the night before) and then she gave me some grape juice because I had the weirdest taste in my mouth from the drugs. My vitals were good and after about an hour Mom and Dad were back in recovery to see me! Oh, when I woke up and it was 9:05. Mom and Dad said Dr. Schuster came out and said that everything went well at 8:45 so it was a pretty fast procedure.

I got my discharge instructions (had some good chuckles with Mom getting my clothes back was I giddy from those drugs) and I was out the door on my way home at 10:30am! Whew! I was and still am really achy at the site. It's on my right side and I'm right handed so it's a little uncomfortable. I'm taking some Vicodin before bed so hopefully I can sleep good and hopefully not be in too much pain but after taking my nap today I think sleeping on my back is the most comfortable because otherwise the gravity pulls it down and it hurts. Boo.

I took a picture of what it looked like earlier and that's comedy in itself. It looks like I have a 3rd boob or that my boob was raised. It's weird how it photographs. It really isn't that big and you really can't see it at all. If you look at me from the side you can see that I have a raised area...that's where the port is. You can feel it too obviously but I haven't tested that out yet...I'll wait till I heal. It's like I have a fun little toy inside of me. I wonder if I will go off going thru security at the airport...

This evening was fun though. My Mommy is here being the best nurse ever. They asked that someone be with me for the next 24 hours just to make sure I'm OK so she's spending the night. My Aunt Laurie came over after she got off work and brought us dinner (soup, salad and bread sticks from the Olive Garden...yum!) and we just played game after game tonight! It was a lot of fun and the time went by really fast. My cousin Gary also came over later in the evening and joined in on the fun.

I can't believe that it's 12:30am and I'm still up, but hey, I can sleep in tomorrow and I have all weekend to relax. My port is in, it's ready to go, I just need to heal a bit!!

So, another chapter is closed and from now on it'll be smooth sailing until the end of chemo in June!! Yippee skippy!

The Vicodin is kicking in and I'm getting really really sleep...goodnight.

Till tomorrow...

Love, E

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  1. I have just heard for the 1st time 2day about my dear friend Red! If u don't know, which I'm sure a majority of you don't, Erin got the name Red from me from 1st working together at Barcelona in Chandler....she had red hair so it stuck! Needless to say, since I moved from Phoenix to Las Vegas, I really haven't spoke or seen Red as much as I would've like...not any of my true friends for that matter. Getting ready for law school, having a baby and working full time took a toll on me and well now a few years have gone by...and well here we are!

    I was absolutely devestated, to be honest, and cried for quite some time 2day...throughout the day! I did, however, felt such a great strength of relief when I called Red today and heard her same ol' perky voice! Amazing right? Well to me, completed expected! I, of course, cried again when I heard her talking, I was ambushed with sorrow, pain, guilt and joy ALL at the same time! Of course the joy came from her telling me that she was going to beat this disease and I believe her! I woildnt know Red if she didn't hit this head on...full force! But go figure, my good ol' Red just had her port surgically put in, gone through her 1st chemo therapy and cut all her hair off....AND HERE SHE WAS ON THE PHONE, MAKING ME FEEL BETTER AND PUTTING ME AT EASE! Well, once again, that is Red!

    I am truly inspired by you Erin and am here by your side through it all! Even when I'm not there, know that I'm still next to you, holding your hand! I'm so sorry that I wasn't there for the beginning, but I'm an here fact, you may have 2 tell me 2 leave you the hell alone! Ha ha

    I cannot wait 2 see your beautiful face and smile...and just sit with you! Give your mom and dad big kisses from me! God bless you and your family are in my every thought and prayer! Much love to you...from your ol' friend...."CJ" (I love ya girl)