Saturday, February 27, 2010

A sense of normalcy...

Hello there, I thought I would check in and let you all know that I am healing and recuperating great. I slept pretty good last night even though I had super weird dreams, but that's OK. I had to sleep only on my back too...sleeping in any other position is too uncomfortable right now. So be it, that's fine. Sleep is still sleep regardless of the position you are sleeping in!

I didn't get up until almost 11am today and then my Dad came to pick Mom and I up for lunch. Then, it was home to relax. I took a nap too and have just been vegging and watching TV and the Olympics. What fun.

I have to admit besides the uncomfortable aches every now and then from this port healing into it's spot I feel amazing. I feel like my old self. Who would think I would have cancer? Sometimes I don't even think I do...

I am going back to work on Monday. I am going to work 5 shifts...yup I am. Well, I'm going to try my darnedest and trust me I won't overdo it. If I don't feel like it I won't...but right now I don't see anything stopping me. I'm climbing up the hill on my roller coaster in the treatment cycle and I feel like I'm pretty close to the top. And for Pete's sake I can't sit at home any longer... and my dogs told me they are sick of me. HA. (Just kidding, I don't think that's possible). So any of you that want to come see me, this is your chance! I'll be at Loco all week except Tuesday and Sunday until 5pm so come in and say hello! I know you all have missed me...hee hee. ;)

I am going to attach the pictures from my big hair event the other day. I hope you all enjoy the pics...I have stopped scaring myself in the mirror and have become comfortable with my new do.

That's the latest from here. I'm off to bed to listen to the pitter patter outside (yes, it's raining again, but it always rains during the Phoenix Open) it's fitting.

Till tomorrow, and g'nite--

Love, E

So hard...
There it goes!
Wow,there's my hair!

The new do!!
Mommy and I

What wig? I didn't lose my hair!!

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  1. WOW! Damn Erin, the wig looks AMAZING on you! I love that hair color! Your short hair is beautiful too...I forgot what you looked like wih short hair! But the wig...DAMN ....HOTTAAAAYYY.....HOTTAAAYYY!!! You look great...and your mom looks amazing too...give her xoxo from me! love ya