Friday, February 19, 2010

Today was a TIRED day...

Hello all, today was not as good as yesterday. I didn't sleep very good last night and I believe that is partly due the Prednisone that I'm taking. Just restless sleep. Sucked. I would wake up thinking I had slept for hours and it would have only been 45 minutes or an hour. Ha. I survived though, got up, had some breakfast and took my meds. I really was only up about an hour and decided to go back to bed. I did for almost 3 hours. It felt great.

I got up again and decided to head to Loco to get some food and get a little work done. Well, you don't really know how much energy driving takes out of you until your energy is already compromised. I was pooped by the time I got there. I had some food (I've missed Loco's food!) and then did some office stuff, but I started not feeling good and just wanted to get home so the work would have to wait until another time.

I got home and took another nap for about an hour on the couch. That was nice as well. I am just so tired today! In fact, I'm going to bed as soon as I finish my taping of the Olympics. (I'm addicted). I have also developed this weird jaw pain. It's super hard to describe but it is a side effect and definitely not a comfortable pain! Ugh. It hurts as soon as food enters my mouth, but only for a few bites and then goes away. SO WEIRD. It's like the nerves/muscles in my jaw are affected by the chemo or something. I just hope it doesn't get worse.

So, that's the update for today...just a tired day. Today is a new day and I really am believing in the saying "one day at a time". I thought I would feel great today seeing as yesterday wasn't such a bad one, but man, I felt worse! Still pluggin' along though!

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I think we here in AZ may have some rain. That will be a nice treat.

Oh, I forgot to mention but I got my surgery scheduled to get my port put in next Friday. So, that's the last thing that needs to be done and then I just have chemo treatments till June! I'm a little nervous for this surgery because they do put you under...but I'm sure all will be fine and I have all the time in the world to recuperate!

Thank you all for your continued emails, Facebook messages, texts, phone calls, etc. They mean the world.

Tomorrow's a new day...

Love you all--E

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