Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tomorrow is a BIG day...

Hello all, well I wasn't going to write until after my treatment tomorrow but I decided I wanted to. I like to type and since tomorrow is a big day for me, it will probably do me some good.

Let's see, I left you on Friday after my meeting with Dr. Nabong. I didn't do a darn thing Friday night or all day on Saturday, I just didn't feel like it. I have realized that my energy is precious. It runs out very very fast. Sunday I got out of the house though. Mom and Dad came and picked me up and we went to a late lunch at Cadillac Ranch at Tempe Marketplace and then we went to see "Sherlock Holmes". It was a good movie and they definitely left it open for a 2nd one. I was completely exhausted after my outing (which seems silly, but I am definitely starting to feel the aggressiveness of this cancer.) It just takes a toll on me. So, Sunday night i just relaxed and rested.

I got out of the house again yesterday to Loco. I needed to get some stuff done and usually Monday's are my office/catch up on paperwork day so that's what I did. It was also the first time I had driven my car since last Tuesday. Poor Wonda was feeling so neglected! It was nice to get out, but of course I was exhausted once home.

Once a month my family and friends get together for a game night. It was supposed to be at my Aunt's house last night but she came down with a bad cold a couple days ago and for the sake of my health and my Mom's she decided not to host it. Everyone came to my house instead! Fine by me because when it's my turn to host in April I may not feel like it...so it really worked out. Game night is always so much fun. We are such a competitive group of people, I love it. And of course the distraction was great for me.

Today I got out of the house again! I know, 3 days in a row and tomorrow will be my 4th! Ha. It's also SO FREAKIN' NICE OUT that I couldn't sit inside anymore. It's only been 75 degrees here the past few days here...LOVE IT. And from what people have told me Vitamin D is very good for me and guess what? That's in the sun! :) Today I had to get to the bank, went to Fry's to get my Prednisone prescription that I start tomorrow for 5 days and I also got a few groceries. Home to eat some lunch and take a nap. That seems to be my routine. I do something and then I'm tired and need a nap. Ha. I know my Dad and Lyda are proud of my new nap taking skills...I may start to become a pro like them! Hee hee.

I read a lot this weekend on chemotherapy. They gave me lots of information to go over and I figured I better read it before I start. I think my biggest battle/obstacle I will go thru is eating. There are times when I am not going to feel good, I may have sores in my mouth, I'm nauseous and just don't have an appetite. Well, NOT eating isn't an option (as most would do if they had those symptoms). I have to eat, it will keep my strength up, etc. etc. So, I have to tell myself that I will probably have to force myself to eat sometimes...but it's for the best! I don't want to make this any worse than it may be.

Tomorrow will probably be a hard day. Even though I was diagnosed almost 2 weeks ago with cancer I feel that tomorrow is my first day of my journey. Up until tomorrow nothing really has been done to fight off this cancer...but once my chemo cocktail gets whipped up and starts dripping into me, the fight begins. Those cancer cells will soon realize they messed with the wrong girl (thanks Stacy!). I will know too that I will start to feel better and if I'm sick, it's no longer because of the cancer, but it's because of the chemo. I may not react to the chemo very well, but we do know one thing that will--the cancer (thanks Bro.). I think it will really hit me when I sit in the "chemo" chair and get hooked up that wow, this is really happening to me. Although I'm scared to death, I really am excited to get this started. Now that I'm starting, I can start counting down the days till I'm back to me!

I can't thank my friends and family enough for all the support I have received and I know will continue to receive. I hope you all are enjoying my blogs...I feel better when I write them...it's kinda therapeutic.

I will write again tomorrow (I'm sure I'll feel up to it) and let you know how my first cocktail went! I know you all will be curious. Mom and Dad will be with me and then Mom is having a slumber party at my house tomorrow night just to make sure I'm OK. She's also going to make my favorite dinner...beef stroganoff! YUM! I know I will eat that!! :)

Till tomorrow...the journey begins.

Love you all--



  1. (((Erin))) Greg and I are praying for you. We know that you are going to fight hard and kick this cancers ASS! When you do...we will have to come and celebrate with you. Love, Rhonda and Greg.

  2. From what my husband has told me about his chemo days, there were days where he just wouldn't really eat anything at all but then he'd get a wicked appetite back and go pig out at a Chinese buffet near his house. My suggestion is to make sure you know somewhere near you with an "all-you-can-eat" option...IHOP has all-you-can-eat pancakes these days, I hear.

  3. Erin,

    I just found out about your cancer and thought I would post and let you know we're pulling for you. My sister's little girl was born with cancer a few years ago and is doing fantastic now. She always had such a great attitude considering everything she had to go through it was amazing to see, especially from a baby! It sounds like you have a great attitude as well - I think that in fighting something like this having a positive attitude is 75% of the battle. Stay strong and keep your spirits up! Ryan