Thursday, February 25, 2010

Where's EB?

If you find her, will you please return her because the new EB looks nothing like the one I saw this morning! I guess the old EB will return, but it'll be awhile. For now, I have to stop scaring myself when I look in the mirror! Yikes!

Today was a roller-coaster of emotions. I started off by getting up at 7am...and here I was complaining I had to set my alarm...well, it never went off because I woke up before it. Ha. I went to the newly remodeled Loc to clean clean clean. The place was a MESS! We were hoping to open by lunchtime, but a minor water issue caused us not to open till about 4pm. All is well though, the place looks great. It's amazing what a little paint can do...

From there it was time to chop chop chop! I arrived at the salon with my Mom and sat in Aimee's chair waiting for the big moment. Well it was a moment for sure...I cried. It was tough but at the same time it felt great. Hard to explain all the emotions going on in my head during that time. I'm actually tearing up right now thinking about it. After my ponytail was chopped it was just so weird to look at it. There was my hair just sitting in my hands. Bizarre. I got a wash after that and a good head massage...ahhhhh. Then, it was time to snip snip snip. From this point on I didn't see what was going on because Aimee put a blanket up over the mirror. No fair. So I just sat there and watched my Mom's face the whole time. She was a big fan...she has always loved my hair short and boy did we go short. I just hoped I didn't look like a boy and that I didn't have a mullet. Well, I don't have a mullet...I could have a haircut that resembles one found on a male, but who cares. I really don't. I'm happy, I'm free, it's liberating and it's new. It is what it is.

After I was done with the shocking reveal and a few more tears it was off to shop for a wig! There's a wig store right down the street from the salon so Aimee, Mom and I went to check it out. The first wig I tried on was exactly what I wanted. Go figure! It was like it was meant to be! The color was almost identical to my hair color before (maybe a smidge darker) and the length was pretty spot on. It was just so me. I felt like myself with this wig on. Imagine that. I seriously could have put that wig on and went back to Loco and told them I cancelled my hair appointment and they would have had no idea. HA. I should of, but I didn't. I want to wait for my big wig debut until a later date..duh, obviously when I have no hair.

The best thing is that I can write off my wig purchase. All I have to get is a prescription from my Doc for a hair prosthetic! Very cool!

Mom had other things to do, so we departed from her and I took Aimee to lunch. I was starved. By now I needed a nap...but thankfully that didn't happen today because I'm sooooo ready for bed now. It's a good thing too because I have to be up at 5:30am!! Yikes.

It felt good to have a FULL day today. I felt almost normal again even though my body wasn't a fan. I feel like I have run a marathon. My hot tub is calling my name.

So that my folks was the conclusion of another chapter of my journey. It was tough, but it's over with and now it's onto port surgery tomorrow. Woo hoo. I get to have a cool little contraption inside my chest. Aren't you jealous?

Oh, I will post some pics of the new do this weekend. Mom took all the pictures and for some reason she has a mental block when it comes to uploading pictures so we will tackle that this weekend.

Think good thoughts tomorrow for me during surgery. They do put me under so this should be interesting. At least I'm guaranteed some sleep on the operating table. Ha.

Tomorrow is a new day...

Love, The New E

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  1. I can't wait to see the new do, and once you employ the wig(s)! You have a great sense of humor Erin, which I think is helping you to be so brave during this journey. You are an inspiration, and I love that you are willing to share this. How fantastic that you have a hot tub to massage you through this - in my mind, I think it must be a boost for the therapy. Good thoughts abound. I look forward to tomorrow's post.