Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Erin 2--Cancer 0

Round 2 is over and done with! Yippee skippy! My bro and I left a bit early to get some food. I wanted to eat before this treatment because if it was anything like last treatment I didn't really eat all day because I didn't feel getting food in early was a good idea (and I had to take pills)! I'm back on my counting sheep medicine...great. Got to Ironwood and there was a nice sight of an ambulance there and a fire truck. Someone wasn't doing so good!

Checked in and waited to get called back to see the Doc! First off we met with Scott (Dr. Nabong's PA). First thing he said was, "geez how tall are you" to my Bro!). HAHA. Scott informed me that all my labs came back great. He asked me a few questions and we just chit chatted about this and that. He liked my baldness too...

Dr. Nabong then came in (made the same comment to my brother about his height!) and pretty much said the same thing as Scott! They were both SO thrilled to hear that I am out of pain. They admitted they were about ready to send me to the ER the last time I saw them to give me an emergency dose of Chemo to get me out of pain. But, it was the weekend and they figured I could wait 5 days...and I did. The plan is still sticking...after my next treatment (yippee, I can say that now) they will do a PET scan, he'll review the results and so will Dr. Schriber. I will know more the beginning of April! All positive news and I was very relieved. After the meeting, it was off to the chemo room!

The chemo room was PACKED. Ry was banned to the floor by me, but then we found him a chair. Of course I got lots of looks because 1. I was rockin' the baldness and 2. I'm the youngest person there! Eh, I don't care. I don't care what anyone thinks anymore...that's something I learned! I'm happy and that's all that matters.

I swear this port is a Godsend. I am so happy to have it...didn't quite understand why at first, but let me tell you, it cuts back on A LOT of time and pain. She literally just pokes me and I'm hooked crazy IV mess's great. The only thing that was different this time was the order they put the drugs in me. I got my hour drip first and they pushed the other 2 thru my line last because I had the port. I got 2 more things after that to take care of the port. One was just saline to flush it and the other was Heparin so my blood thins and won't clot in the port. That would be a bad thing. I was in and out in an hour and a half! Piece of cake!

Funny story (well, not really, but we still laughed). There was an old man there on the other side of the room who was dead asleep. He woke up and then had no idea where he was. The nurse was telling him he was getting his chemotherapy treatment and all he wanted to do was play poker. It was quite funny...we could hear the whole thing. Oh and the ambulance was there because an older lady had a racing heartbeat of 190! Damn! They hadn't even started her treatment yet but off she went! Something wasn't right there. So, I guess never a dull moment at Ironwood. The waiting room was PACKED when I left too...sad that it's that busy, but at least everyone is getting help.

We were then off to Fry's to get my prescription to go back on Allopurinal (I should be on it for 3 months)...ugh. I had Scott call it in for me so I wouldn't have to wait, but that didn't wasn't ready yet....another hour or so. Ry and I went home, he set up my DirectTV on Demand (woo hoo) and then he went to fetch my prescription and get Subway. I was getting hungry and didn't want to miss a window of opportunity to eat! Ha. I wolfed down my Subway and then it was naptime.

A lady came up at my while I was waiting for my prescription the first time and said, "Can I just tell you I love you hair!" I wanted to say, "you mean lack thereof?" but I said, "why thank you" and she said, "It really looks good!" I rocked the baldness at Fry's obviously! How nice of that lady!!

Good news is I am not nauseous. I would have been by now, but I'm not. Ry and I think it's because I ate before and after. Could that be the answer? I really feel pretty good but I'm super tired and don't want to do anything. That's normal though and how I'll feel for a couple days. I hope nothing else happens..but then again we are already off to a great start. Mom, will you come cook me strogy tonight?! Ha. Nurse Ryan is doing a great job!!

I JUST got an email in my inbox that I am officially adopted by 2 (TWO!) not ONE! ChemoAngels! I'm so freakin' excited!! I should hear from my angels by mail within 10-14 days. This is great! I can't wait to see what they have to say and of course, I will let you all know when I know! I am shocked I got adopted my two!

I'm ready to watch the "Hurt Locker" that my brother gave me as a gift. Gotta see the best picture! Thanks to all for you support means the world. I'm a freakin' trooper!! :)

Till tomorrow for another report...

Love, Bald-E

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