Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hump Day, Hump Treatment

WOO HOO! I am officially halfway done!! Thank goodness. I broke down in tears earlier just thinking about it. It's relieving but also pretty crazy at the same time that I am really going thru this. A least I have gone over the hump...

First off was my meeting with Dr. Nabong. It went good. We discussed my blood cell counts mostly. He didn't offer the information, I asked and I'm glad I did because it made more sense to me and was very interesting. My white blood count was pretty low. The normal count that you want for a person is about a 4 or a 5. I was at a 1. If it was lower than 1, he wouldn't given me chemo. He thought about it or even just lowering my dosage, but he didn't. He thinks he may have to next time though. Hey, rather be safe than sorry. I asked him what my number was for the previous treatment and he said it was a 2. Interesting. So, my count is lower, but I felt better. ODD. I asked him if that is why I am so tired too. Not really. That's more red blood cells. I'm just tired because I have cancer and my body is being treated aggressively...DUH. So since my level was pretty low to begin with he said I may have a hard time with this treatment, but we all know I'm a fighter and hopefully will be just fine. As far as my other counts, they were all good with him. My uric acid level is pretty normal too, but he would like me to continue the Allopurinal till another round so I will!

As far as the treatment went today, it was as good as it can be! I am becoming a pro now and know exactly what they will be doing. It was a lot less busy in there today as the last time so it was nice. Nobody was asking to play poker and there were no paramedics today, but there was a lady snoring her head off. That was pretty funny. Aimee and Lyda were happy to be part of the experience. :)

I can tell that I am more tired though...I followed the same eating ritual as last time and that seriously helps. Thankfully I'm not nauseous. Whew. I do feel just weak though and don't want to do anything, but the good news is I don't have to do a thing. Aimee and Lyda have been great nurses! Aimee is spending the night with me, has asked me numerous times to check my temperature and made me dinner. :) I love my friends. Thank you.

I will be getting a PET scan here within 2 weeks. I don't know when it will be because they will be calling me to schedule it so I will let you know when it happens. I'm excited, yet nervous for it, but I really shouldn't worry about it. I think I'm just more curious to see the results more than anything. I hope it's what we want to hear!!

That's pretty much the update about Round 3! I passed thru it with flying colors...did you expect any less?! :)

I will check in tomorrow to let you all know how I'm feeling. I have my Neulasta shot tomorrow at 2:15pm...gotta get those white blood cells going!

Thank you all for your words of encouragement today! I love you all...

The Fighter--E

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