Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rum Dums

Hello there everyone and Happy Spring! I love this time of year, but unfortunately for us in AZ it doesn't last long! It will be HOT before we know it, but for the time being I am enjoying this weather! I think the whole state is...hence my insanely busy week at work. My feet told me today that they forgive me because I didn't make them work today so I think they will stay attached to my body. Thank goodness.

I am feeling absolutely great. I really can't complain (considering). Albeit being tired and sore, I had a great week. It was a lot of fun, saw a lot of people, talked with a lot of people and it felt great to be back in action. Another normal week is upon me as well and I'm looking forward to it. I have 2 good friends coming into town later this week so I will be excited to see their faces as well!

In my last posting I was talking about feeling like a pink elephant at Loco. I still do, but it's fun now. I can't wait to see how people approach me. There was a lady on Saturday asking another server if I was in treatment. She told me that her hair grew back curly!! (She's in remission for the 2nd time from breast cancer.) We had a nice chat and I can't wait to see how my hair grows back. Another lady said, "I have to ask, is it for the look or for health reasons?" Others just said, "good luck with your health," or "how are you feeling, how is it going?" It's really quite interesting to hear all the different approaches. It's interesting too that some just assume. Some people just give me weird looks like they want to say something, but they don't know what to say. I think I may wear a sign or sign people's checks with, "thank you and yes, I do have cancer." HA.

My brother is coming up tomorrow for the night. We are all going to fetch his new pet on Tuesday so I'm excited to meet the new addition, Tillman. He's a mini-dachshund (from the same breeder Mom and Dad got their beloved pet!). It's also friends and family game night so I'm looking forward to that as well. It should be another busy, yet fun-filled week. Before I know it I will be preparing for Round 3!

I hope to hear if Ryan is a match to me for bone marrow as well as hear from my chemo angels this week too! I will keep you all posted.

Until the next posting, enjoy the spring-like weather if you are lucky to have it!!

Love, E

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