Tuesday, March 30, 2010

They're flailing!!

It's time to kill some more cancer cells in about 12 hours and I am ready! I don't think the cancer cells are but I could really care less! That's right, I will get my 3rd round of chemo cocktail tomorrow. With that means I will hopefully be halfway done with this part of my journey! Seems fitting as we end another month tomorrow as well.

Today was my last day of work until next week. I plan to be back next Wednesday, but I usually wait to see how I'm feeling on Saturday and make the decision then, but if it's like the past 2 then I'll be good to go! Time will tell.

My bestie girlfriends Aimee and Lyda are my chemo buds tomorrow. I'm so happy they want to be part of it. It will just put into perspective for them what I have been going thru this whole time. Helped for my brother, so I hope it helps them too! Should be fun! Mom admitted that she is sad she won't be there tomorrow, but it's not like I'm banning her from going!! She knows I will be in good hands though. Of course I will be meeting with my Docs beforehand and I'm sure I will get my PET scan scheduled as well for next week sometime. I will be sure to report back in tomorrow night to let you all know how I am feeling!

Thank you all for your positive thoughts and words coming at me as I power thru another treatment! I'm also looking forward to the rest as well...I need it!

Till tomorrow's update...

The Fighter, E

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