Monday, March 15, 2010

This is definitely not wonderland...yet.

Hello folks! How's everyone out there that reads what's up with me? I'm doing pretty good actually. I have been sleeping pretty good and I actually haven't taken one nap since my last treatment. I remember saying I was the "napmaster", but I have decided to just try and stay awake, I really think it helps me sleep better at night. On the other hand, my Dad took 3 naps today. Wow. I hope he can sleep tonight...ha.

Let's see, what have I been up to since Saturday? Not too much. Yesterday I pulled some more weeds and then returned the beloved pet, aka Sydney, to her rightful owners. I went over to Chris and April's house for a bit with Heidi and Frank so they could play with their friends. It was also my little boo bear Frankie's 6th birthday yesterday so I wanted him to have some fun. He sure did...the poor little guy didn't move once we got home for the rest of the night! He's such an old man!

Today I wanted to feel like I was back in the swing of things. It worked! I went to Loco for a bit to catch up on paperwork so I didn't have to do it all on Wednesday and I had lunch there with Mom and Laurie (my Aunt) before going to see "Alice in Wonderland." Loco was pretty crazy today at lunch so thankfully I was there to help out. It was nice...I can't wait till Wednesday to get back at it! Thumbs up for normalcy.

"Alice in Wonderland" was great. I thoroughly enjoyed the re-make. We saw it in 3D too...I really think if a movie is offered in 3D that's the only way to go...just my opinion.

So, that's where the title of my blog tonight comes into play. Dealing with this crap is definitely not wonderland especially when everyone is off on their fun, exciting spring breaks. Makes me super jealous, but I just tell myself to be patient because I will soon be living in my own wonderland once I win this battle! Amen.

I'm feeling pretty good. My mouth is still weird and very active when I eat, but thankfully it's not as painful as the last round. I'm still swooshing that magic mouthwash. My head is a sure sign that I have a disease. It's so funny looking and so splotchy. I can't wait till all the little hairs fall out. Slowly but surely I guess.

So that everyone is the latest! It sure was exciting isn't it? Tomorrow is my last day off before I get back to the grind. Looking forward to normalcy and a good distraction from reality.

Till later...

Love, Bald-E

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