Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Hi everyone! It's been a busy past few days so sorry that I have not checked in. Don't worry all is well with me!

We had our friends and family game night on Monday night and it was so much fun as usual. I wish we could do it more often, but then again it makes the time we do spend together that much more fun. :)

Yesterday we declared Tillman Tuesday! My brother finally got his new little almost 5 pound mini-dachshund Tillman. He's cute as a button. I will post some pics at the end of this so you can check him out. We had a nice trip up to Camp Verde (it's about an hour and a half drive) to pick him up and then we drove back. Mom made some dinner so I stayed for that, watched the new little rascal run around like crazy playing with Sydney and then got home. It made for a long day, but it was a fun day at that. Anytime spent with my family is great!

I heard from 1 of my chemo angels! Her name is Mary and she lives in Woodbridge, VA. Funny thing is I know people who live in Woodbridge and it's about 30 minutes from where I grew up outside of D.C. What a small world. Mary sent me a really nice card, pretty much just an introduction. I don't know how old she is (I don't think she's much older than me) and I don't know if she has had cancer. I will keep you posted as I receive more! Still waiting on my other angel to write...

I received some semi-bad news brother is NOT a match for my bone marrow. It's really not a big deal though. He only had a 25% of being a match so the chances were pretty slim. We are still hopeful that I will be able to harvest enough of my own cells that I won't need a donor anyways. If I do, they will find someone on the board. I'm not that upset about it, it just would have been nice to have my brother donate to me if I needed him to than some stranger, but whatever. It'll be OK!

The rest of the week is quite busy with work, friends visiting and getting ready for treatment hump treatment! I will be halfway done come next Wednesday with chemo! Thank goodness!

That's the update from here. I am feeling amazing! Till the next time...take care everyone.

Love, E


  1. Aww... Tillman has a weigh-in! He should be my mascot!

  2. Oh how cute....he looks just like Sydney. I wish I'd known you were coming to Camp Verde, that's like 20 minutes from us..... Oh well!

  3. haha... nice addition to the family!