Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Vampire Day...

Hello all! I'm getting ready mentally for Round 2 tomorrow! It will be a piece of cake, I know it. I'm just excited because it means I am one step closer to being DONE!

I had a busy day today and I'm pooped. I started off by going to get my lab work done for tomorrow. I learned my lesson the first time I went to this lab (Sonora Quest) that I should make an appointment. Well, I did that today and walked right in, signed in, she said, "ok we will call you up shortly for your paperwork." I turned around, she said, "oh, Erin, come back please." It was because she saw I had an appointment. Hee hee. Then, one person got called back and I was called right after that. The place was PACKED. Everyone was glaring at me...hahahaha. Silly people...make an appointment. I was in an out of there (2 small viles of blood less) in 8 minutes, no joke.

One vampire sucking down, one more to go.

I got some coffee (since I had been fasting for this blood work) and I went back home to shower and get ready for the rest of my day. I was going to meet my brother at Good Samaritan (he was coming up from Green Valley) because I had errands to run beforehand, etc.

Arrived at Good Samaritan and we were ready to get our bone marrow typing done. That just means figure out what type of bone marrow each of has and hopefully it's a match! We both signed our lives away (ok, not really, but 3 pages worth) and we were off to get more blood sucked out of me. Wow, this was the most blood I had taken out of me at one time. 3 HUGE viles and 2 smaller ones. Yikes! She assured me it was nothing. Ha.

The best part of the whole thing was I told her I had a port. (Oh, they can't access my port at Sonora because those people aren't nurses and only nurses can access ports). She asked me if I wanted to use my port and I said well it hasn't been used yet, I don't know if it works! Ha. It was a really funny experience because she was feeling it, but she said she couldn't feel the 3 little prongs that are on it and neither could this other lady. It was OK though, they could still access it. She said, "so do you want me to try it?" I said, "oh, I don't know, do you want to?" Ha. I have been nervous about this for awhile because I wasn't sure if it would work. Well, of course the chances of it not working are slim, but still, you always wonder! So, the other lady was like, well we better just to make sure for tomorrow! Ha!

It really is quite a contraption and something I'm glad that I have already. She literally just poked me and that was it. She was in, no looking for a vein, no poking here, etc. etc. It was awesome and IT WORKS!! So much easier!! So, it was a relief to know it works properly. The vampire sucked some more and then I was done, Ryan's turn! He of course had to do it the other way, but it was still easy! We were in an out of there in an hour! We should find out in a few days to a week or so...and once we do I will let you know!

Both of us were starved so it was off to TeePee for a late lunch. It hit the spot (and what is the spot exactly? I don't know...but you get it). We checked on the parent's house and all is well. I got conned into helping him with ceiling fans. No, not really conned, but man did that wear me out! I am happy to be home and relaxing! It's great having my brother here though. I haven't seen him since Christmas. I'm just happy he gets to experience this with me (even though he probably wishes he didn't have to!)

Tomorrow is Round 2 of cocktail hour. I have been quite thirsty since the last time so I'm anxious to get this over with! I hope I feel just like the last one and hopefully not any worse. Keep your fingers crossed everyone!!

I'll be back tomorrow with a full report on Round 2! Ready cancer cells? More of you are going buh bye!! Adios!

Till tomorrow---

Love, Bald-E

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  1. Good luck tmw I hope it goes down smoother than a Miller Lite and a grapebomber and keep my fingers crossed Ryan is a match! Luvs!