Friday, April 30, 2010

Purple Power

Hello all! Sorry I haven't written in a few days, but there really hasn't been anything exciting going on!

Let's see, Tuesday I got my heart scanned. It was pretty easy. I hate having IV's put in me, but if that's the worst part then I can deal with it. I should find out the results when I meet with my Doc on the 12th.

I returned to work on Wednesday and it felt GREAT! I think that is what I needed. So far, my body is doing great. I feel pretty darn good too and I seem to have a lot of energy. So, for now, I will not complain anymore...ha.

A couple people close to me had some tests done and were all hoping it wasn't the big C. Thankfully, both were not! Whew.

The weather here has been chilly. We are about 15 degrees below normal right now. Last night was pretty darn chilly. It was also a very windy day. It's days like those though that I like not having hair! Ha. It'll be back in the high 90's here next week and I'm sure the big 100 will be coming soon!

Our Phoenix Suns have made it to he next round against our arch nemesis the Spurs. They seem to be the team we just can't beat in the playoffs but I believe this year is our year. So, let's go Suns! Purple Power!

I hope you all have a great weekend. I need to get ready for work!

Till the next time...

Love, E

Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm like a camel...

Hi there everyone, just wanted to write and give you a little update. I'm hanging in there. Not sure how I'm feeling today. Part of me feels like I took a step back, but I really don't know how that is possible. I have rested more this time than I have any other treatment before. Maybe too much rest is hurting me? HAHAHAHA. I kid.

Let's see, I spent ANOTHER day on house arrest yesterday. I made this stepping stone art project that Aimee and Lyda gave me. It turned out good. I also put together a silly puzzle one of my chemo angels gave me. That was pretty much the extent of my day besides watching a lot of useless TV and a nap.

I left the house today for only the 3rd time since last Wednesday. Amazing. Talk about getting barn sour. My dogs are sick of me and my body is almost permanently imprinted on my Lazy Boy. I take one back, my dogs could never get sick of me. I have an addition too for another day, little Miss Sydney. She loves it here.

My exciting outing today was to the Loc to get caught up on the past week and have some lunch. It wore me out quick and I couldn't get home fast enough to take a nap, although I couldn't sleep. Weird. Today is a frustrating day because I feel good. My mind feels good, etc, but I just don't have strength. SUCKS! It's really hard to describe and I don't think any of you will ever understand. That's ok though. That's why I take it one day at a time.

I do feel better as the day is ending. Maybe it's because I got some greasy pizza, chicken wings and salad for dinner? Comfort food to make me happy? I think I'll finish it off with some frozen yogurt and strawberries. That should do it. Ha.

I think too going back to work will make me feel bettter. I mean really, there is only so much sitting around one can do. Can it make you worse? Oh I don't know...I'm probably just rambling.

Tomorrow is my heart scan. I'm sure my ticker is stronger than ever so I'm not concerned in the least. Just another test checked off the list!

Oh and in reference to my blog title...I feel like a freakin' camel. I can't get enough water!! I've been so thirsty this time around. It could be because it was 90 something today here, but I still believe it's the chemo. I drink and drink and drink, but nothing is quenching my thirst! I think my body is really craving a cold Miller....ahhhhh....

I'm going to head to bed here soon, having visions of the beach where my Mom and Dad are in Rocky Point and wishing I was there....c'mon light at the end of the tunnel, you are getting closer and I can see my vacation...

Till the next time...

Love you all--E

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I'm a hot flash...

Hello all! I'm just dinging in here to let you know that I am still alive and doing good! This time actually hasn't been that bad...I think it's because I got that good news. NOTHING will get me down now!

The side effects this go-around have been minimal. The biggest annoyance is the re-occurring hot flashes I get all day long. They come out of the blue and my cute bald head gets a little beady with sweat. Ha. Then, it goes away. I guess this is what it'll be like with menopause...I'm just getting a taste of it early. I have been sleeping really good and I actually feel great as well. I wish I just had more energy, but little by little I am climbing to the peak.

Last night was fun. Mom and Laur came over to keep me company and of course there were lots of laughs. We played Scrabble, had a yummy dinner that Mom cooked and she even brought dessert. I had some strawberries with frozen yogurt. YUM! I haven't had fruit in a really long time so it was delicious. There are even leftovers for my Prednisone causing eating binges.

Today I let this caged animal out of the house for a short trip to the Farmer's Market. I usually go to the one in Scottsdale, but there is one here in Mesa as well. So, I tried that. Very disappointed. I didn't buy a thing and just headed up to the Scottsdale one. I got my veggie fix for awhile so I'm happy! That outing about did me in and of course there was a nap in my future...

I am planning on returning to work on Wednesday. That leaves me 3 more days of rest and energy building and I think that will be all that I need. I am already ready (mentally) to get back to work, but I just poop out too fast.

I got my MUGA (heart) scan scheduled already for Tuesday so I'm looking forward to getting that over with. Mom and Dad will be frolicking on the beaches of Rocky Point for a few days so starting tomorrow I will be watching the beloved pet. She always has a good time here with Heidi and Frank.

So that my friends is the latest from the confines of my home. I hope you all are having a good weekend.

Till the next time..

Love you all---The Caged Animal

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Hello all! Just checking in to let you know how I'm feeling today. I slept pretty darn good last night. The weather here is pretty chilly for us....20 degrees below the norm with a few rain showers. It actually is nice for a change though, probably the coolest it'll be until the Fall! The Prednisone will start to sink in tonight I'm sure, but maybe it won't! I guess I will find out...

I'm feeling not so bad...I just have no energy. I have been resting in my "station" all day long. I woke up feeling a little queasy, but I had to take my meds and one of the pills I take is an anti-nausea medicine so once that kicked in I was good. I have had 3 good meals all day long with a few snacks so I'm not lacking in the food eating department that's for sure!

I mustered up energy to get to my shot and all went well there. I had to stop at the Post Office to pick up a package that was delivered yesterday from Mandy, one of my chemo-angels. I love the mail! :)

After the shot, I was back to resting and more resting. I even took a nap for 40 minutes. So, I guess I will just continue to rest. I have to admit it's getting old already, but then again it's all I feel like doing. I have no energy to do anything else so I just have to deal with it. At least I have good stuff to watch on TV, Facebook to entertain me and TONS of emails and such to read from all of you amazing supporters!! The response with my good news yesterday has been so overwhelming. My Mom says her inbox is flooded as well. It sure is a good feeling to know that the prayers, positive energy and thoughts are working!! I can only imagine what it's going to feel like when I hear the words "you are cancer free" I love you all! Keep 'em coming, it's not over yet!

As my chemo nurse reminded me today when she stopped in to check on me, "you certainly don't have the same look on your face as you did yesterday, but just remember, you are 2/3rds of the way done!" Yes, I am!! Even though the chemo may continue to get harder to deal with, I now know in my head that it's doing it's job and I know I am very close to ridding myself of this crap, if not already!! I can go in these last 2 treatments with even more confidence. Such a great feeling.

So that my friends is the update from my station. Mom and my Aunt will be coming over tomorrow night to hang out with me. I'm looking forward to their visit which I'm sure will include laughter and we all know that laughter is the best medicine!

Happy Friday everyone...

Till the next time!

Love, E

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Days Are Here Again...

That was the song playing by Barbara Streisand in the car when we pulled up to Ironwood today. It came true folks! Dr. Nabong informed me that my cancer is 90 to 95% GONE. Can you believe it? I'm not so sure I do yet, I think I'm still in shock. All that I could do was cry. I am just so happy. My tumor is gone, there are no other masses, but there still are some pesky swollen lymph nodes that are lurking. Hey, that's fine. I still have 2, yes 2 more treatments. I just finished my 4th. I'm sure you are going to ask why do I still have to get treatment if the cancer is pretty much gone. Well, it's not totally gone and I'm pretty sure I think I want it all gone, right? Ha. My Mom said it right...when a doctor prescribes you antibiotics he tells you to keep taking it until it's gone even if you feel better! So, that's what we are doing with the chemo. Mind as well really "crush and kill" this crap over 100%!

So, I couldn't hear any better news...I am just besides myself. I keep crying every time it comes out of mouth. So happy, so happy, so freakin' happy!!! What a relief for me, my family and for all of you guys out there. I seriously couldn't do it without all of your support as well.

But wait, there was more good news. I did say I got treatment today so that meant that my blood work came back was fantastic. My white blood cell count was 3.5. It had nearly quadrupled since my last treatment. Not sure how that is possible...but he said since my bone marrow isn't affected it's still working good and I guess it just didn't produce enough last time. I think I got last time's dose this time as well! Hey, I'll take it.

So, I'm back home and Dad's cutting down my palm tree that I lost the battle with. Boo. I tried little tree, but there was no hope. Mom is probably going to go home tonight and I'll be by myself, but hey, I'm OK! I am in SUPER HIGH SPIRITS and so far, I feel fine. I do feel zapped of my energy already so I will be happily resting.

The only thing that is missing from this great news is a cold Miller Lite in my hand right now. I'm envious of the ones in Mom and Dad's hands. My chemo nurse told me I could have a glass or 2 of wine, but hey, it's not necessary and honestly, I feel like what I have been doing since February 4th has obviously been working so I'm not going to change it. Thank you body! I will just keep on going...

So, although I shed some tears today and probably will for the next few days at least you all know they are happy tears and tears of relief.

We are still on schedule. I will be calling Dr. Schriber's office tomorrow to see if he wants to see me about the transplant. We think it may not fully be determined until after my final PET scan. Oh and I have another MUGA scan coming up. They need to check out my heart and see if it's still ticking properly with all this crap they have been putting in me. I'm sure it will check out fine.

So that my friends is probably the best post I have ever written. Such a good day. Even though it is cloudy, dismal and windy here today, that wasn't going to rain on my parade. Hip Hip Hooray!! Thank you thank you thank you a million times over for all your positive thoughts. I have over 40 comments on my Facebook page about my results. Like I said before, I couldn't do this without the support from my amazing family and friends and even strangers. Love you all!!!

I'll check back in tomorrow and let you know how I'm feeling...

Love--The Cancer Butt Kicker

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Eve of Round 4 (I hope)

Hi all! Just checking in here before I go in for Round 4 tomorrow, or so I hope! I am really quite nervous. I spent most of the day staying busy, keeping my mind occupied with other things rather than tomorrow. I'm always thinking positive, but I'm still just nervous. I will learn a lot tomorrow so it's stressful. 1. I will learn the results of my PET scan. 2. I will find out if my blood work is OK to give me Round 4. 3. I will probably find out for sure if I will get the bone marrow transplant (that's dependent on my PET scan too). Yikes, big day tomorrow...big day.

Let's see I have recuperated great from the Tillman walk. I really wasn't sore at all and I thought I would be. My back hurt a little bit but my hot tub cured that. Gotta get some tub action in while I can...the heat is coming quick!

I worked on Sunday and Monday. I had quite a few friends come in and visit me so that was nice. Thank you guys! I also was asked if I was Jewish (I guess if you convert people tend to shave their heads?!) Interesting approach. Then I made 2 people cry at the bar when I was telling them my story. Oopss. Never want that to happen, but tears are uncontrollable sometimes.

I had lots of pep in my step today, of course because I get treatment tomorrow. Great, thanks for taking the pep out of my step. Way to give me the hammer!! Boo...

For the first time I really am not looking forward to treatment. I usually get excited and I'm pumped for it. I'm not dreading it, I just am not looking forward to feeling like crap. Maybe I won't feel like crap after this one, who knows. I am excited though because if I do get it, then I'm getting closer to the end of the tunnel. That makes me happy. Like I said I'm always thinking positive, but I always wonder, "what if." That damn should be eliminated from the dictionary as well as "maybe." Ugh. Hate those words. I guess it's the unknown that is scary, nerve-wracking and dreadful. Oh well, time will tell. One day at a time.

It's been a crazy week for Arizona sports teams. The Coyotes and the Suns are both in the playoffs and the D-backs have been stinking up the ball field. I'm still a fan though.

Ok, so your job tonight and tomorrow is to send me positive energy! Good thoughts! I need good PET scan results and I need my blood work to be good so I can get my treatment! As a team we can do this...remember, there's no I in TEAM.

I will be sure to update you all as soon as I get home tomorrow. My appointment with my Doc is at 1:45pm (AZ time) and treatment will follow if I get it.

Thanks in advance for the thoughts and you all.

Till tomorrow, Erin

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ready, Set, Go!

Hello all! I hope you are all having a great weekend. I'm having a pretty good one myself even though today feels like Sunday! I hate when I screw up my schedule! Ha.

Today was the Pat Tillman race. I was by no means racing in this race, but I did finish it...all 4.2 miles for #42. I am so proud of myself and so happy that I did this. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be, but I didn't have any trouble finishing. There were 28,000 people there today...that's insane. I have never done something like this before and given my circumstances, it was definitely an accomplishment. It was great.

My PET scan went as well as it could have yesterday. At least I wasn't in pain and seemed to "enjoy" it more. I wasn't sitting there thinking is this over yet? Oh my gosh, hurry up, I'm in pain. I was thinking, c'mon cancer be gone, be gone, be gone, be gone, be gone. I almost got a little emotional, but you can't really move in the "tube" so I refrained...but I think maybe when I get my next scan the flood gates may open. Hard to explain emotionally, but in reality that little machine determines if I have cancer or not still left in my body. Pretty powerful machinery. Of course I have to wait until Wednesday to hear the results, but the wait isn't killing me...I'm OK with it. I have a good feeling.

I took yesterday off from work. I decided Thursday that my body was telling me to slow down and since I had a busy weekend coming up I needed to rest. Luckily I didn't have to be cooped up in my house, I got to spend most of the day with my Mom, Dad and brother. We went to lunch and then Mom finally broke down and bought a new I-Mac no less. She loves it. Ryan brought up Tillman and we all had fun spending time together. It was a perfect day.

I'm still tired of course and I have accepted being tired as normal now. It will be a daily recurrence.

Tomorrow I'm working (that's why I feel like it's Sunday today and tomorrow is Monday). Then, work on Monday, then I'll be off for at least a week again for hopefully Round 4.

That's about it from here. I hope everyone has a great rest of their weekend. Go Suns! Go Coyotes!

Till the next time...

Love, The Racer

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Scan me, scan me!!

Hello all! Just checking in here. I want to thank everyone for their nice comments after my last post. I greatly appreciate everyone's offers to help me out and don't you worry, I will probably take you up on them in the near future! :)

I feel much better after my little meltdown the other day. Emotionally that is. Physically no. My body is telling me I am doing too much, therefore, I decided to get my shift covered tomorrow. I am soooo tired and just flat out pooped. It could be due to the fact that I didn't sleep all that great last night because of the additional 3 dogs I have here, but regardless, I have a lot of my plate and I really need to rest. I have a big scan tomorrow too...

Heidi went to the dentist today and she did just cavities (ha) and her teeth are sparky white. I think she enjoyed her day at the spa rather than being here at the circus. Ha. All the dogs were so welcoming when she came was cute. Of course they are all sleeping now, probably because they didn't sleep last night...

I'm excited for my big scan tomorrow, but nervous as well. Of course I am always thinking positive, but it's still nerve-wracking. At least this time I can enjoy the scan (if there is anything to enjoy about it). My first PET scan I was in so much pain (I had just had my bone marrow biopsy the day before and could barely walk because of that damn tumor) at least I will be pain free this time! Yippee!

So my friends, think the good thoughts at about 10am tomorrow...thank you.

I will check back in soon!

Love you all--E

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Just not the same...

Hello all! Thought I would check in today and say hello and tell you how I'm doing. I'm doing pretty good. I survived the weekend and have been resting every chance I get when I'm not working. Today I realized a few things though and had a few moments. Those are to be expected though and quite honestly I haven't had a moment in awhile. By moment I mean, a breakdown, the flood gates open and I weep. Ok, I probably do more than weep, but you get the idea. I don't want you all to think I'm a cry baby though. Ha.

I have realized that physically I'm not the same anymore. I actually realized this awhile ago, but I didn't accept it. Now I have accepted it. It's super frustrating, but I have accepted that it's ok. My energy levels are just not what they used to be and my strength is weak. I used to be in it for a marathon and now I may just be a slow walk. For instance, I went out to do some yard work. Not intense yard work by any means, but just to pull a few weeds and trim a few branches. I got tired quick. I know now I have to do everything in intervals, a little bit here, a little bit there. Most importantly, I have to come to realize that it's not going to get any easier anytime soon so I am OK with asking for get ready people...I may be asking. At least I know this is only temporary...there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I think I forgot to mention but I got my PET scan scheduled for Friday at 9:30am. I won't know the results until I go in for my meeting before my 4th round on the 21st, but that's only 5 days after my scan so I can wait that long. It just gives me (and all of you) more time to think good thoughts for positive results, right?

Other than getting frustrated with myself I have been feeling pretty good. I'm still tired, I still wake up tired, but I feel pretty darn normal. Thank goodness. Just took a bit longer to bounce back though.

Tomorrow I will soon become a household of 6. Only one human though (me). The other 5 will be doggies. Heidi and Frank will have their friends Keebler, Snoopy and Darla here until Sunday. And yes, they will all sleep in my bed with me, unless I kick them off. My ex Chris and his fiance April are getting married on Saturday in Vegas so I'm watching the doggies! We will have fun though and will all be tuned in to watch their wedding live on-line on Saturday. I think it's cool that we can watch it!! Speaking of my kids, they just got a bath. They look and smell so much better. It's always fun to get them out of the tub and then they run around like wild animals for funny.

So, that is the update for now. I hope all of you are doing well! Take care and until the next time...

Love, E

Saturday, April 10, 2010

One Brave Girl...

Hello all! Just a little update here on how I'm doing. I'm feeling much better. My work week is over with and I am feeling pretty tired, but other than that, I feel pretty darn good!

Today was the big charity event I have been working on for Loco and the little boy with cancer. It was such a great success. The turnout was great and everyone seemed to be having a great time. Adrian Wilson and Steve Breaston from the Cardinals shaved heads for 4 hours...what troopers.

Today also was the first time I rocked my full on bald head at work. I usually wear a bandana, but I thought today would be appropriate to rock it. That I did. I have never heard, "you are a brave girl" so many times. It was awesome. Of course there were millions of questions. Some people thought I shaved my head today, but some figured it out since my head was shaven with a "Bic." Ha. Of course my story came out a lot, but I took it all in stride. I think I was the only female there today with a bald head. That shows you something right there. Some guy gave me all his tickets that he purchased for the raffle because he wanted me to win the spa treatment. Unfortunately luck wasn't on my side today and I didn't win in the raffle, but it was the thought that counted and it brought tears to my eyes. There are some really nice people out there. It's awesome. Another lady knew my "look". She battled breast cancer 4 years ago and we compared port surgery scars. Ha.

I have tomorrow off and I'm looking forward to resting. Honestly that's all I feel like doing. What a life. It kinda sucks, but hey, it is what it is. I need to focus on myself and kicking this crap so I need to do what body tells me. Rest. Rest. Rest. I have rented a couple movies and Mom and Dad will be stopping by tomorrow for a visit. Dad is going to help me get a Queen palm tree standing back up straight. It's been a battle, but like my fight, I will win with this palm tree and get her standing straight again!!

So that my friends is the latest. I hope everyone is having a good weekend and I will check back in later!

Love you all--E

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tick Tock...

Another day has come and gone and I am improving slowly each day. I went back to work today so that was nice. Not sure if I really should have been there, but it was nice to get out of the house and do something other than rest. My Mom of course is worried that I am may over-do it, but thankfully it wasn't crazy busy so it was a nice day to return. I have learned since this process started that I need to respect my body more, so I definitely will answer to it if it tells me to stop. My health is top priority right now.

Let's see, a little update on the side-effects of chemo. I didn't mention that the weird mouth thing only made a teensie weensie return this past treatment. THANK GOODNESS. My mouth nerves were active, but they weren't painful this time. Maybe they are getting used to the crap I give them every 21 days...who knows, but I'm not complaining. My nails are still growing and my leg hair has severely slowed down growing again...I'm down to maybe a quick shave every week and a half? I know I told you I retired the razor and I really should because it's getting rusty because I hardly use it...hee hee. I still get some peachy fuzz on my head too and by the way, the burn is better, now I'm onto the itchy phase. Ugh. Oh and I still have my eyelashes and eyebrows!! Hip Hip Hooray!

I talked to a guy that works down the street about the bone marrow transplant again today. He informed me that since my immune system will be brand new it will be like that of a kid again...therefore I will have to get all my childhood shots again (measles, mumps, chicken pox, etc.) I never even thought of!

I will be rocking my full-on baldness at work on Saturday...the first time ever, but I will fit right in. We are doing a charity/fundraiser event for a little 2 year old boy that was diagnosed about 2 weeks after me with a rare form of childhood cancer. This boy is a trooper too and will win this nasty battle as well. There will be Cardinal's players and some other peeps there to shave your head if anyone wants to come down and support a great cause. It's going to be great fun!

I registered for the Pat Tillman Run next Saturday. I have never done anything like this, but hey, why not? It's for a great cause and my brother and Dad are doing it, so I thought I would give it a whirl. It is a run, but I will be walking..don't think I have enough in me to run it but as long as I finish the 4 miles or so, I will be satisfied, even if I have to crawl...ha. Mom, Sydney and Tillman will be along the course to cheer us on! Can't wait!

So that my friend's is the latest update. Still enjoying the spring time weather here in AZ. Gotta soak it up while we can because it will be 100 before we know it! I hope you all are enjoying the nice weather too (even if your allergies are killing you!).

Till the next time...

Take care---E

Monday, April 5, 2010

I'm not the Energizer Bunny...

Hello all! Did you all have a good Easter? I hope everyone had a fun and happy day! My day wasn't so bad either. I spent it doing something therapeutic for me, pulling weeds and doing yard work. I know that probably sounds crazy and I think it is too, but I enjoy doing yard work. The end result is what makes me happy so it's fun doing it! I probably over-exerted myself yesterday but seriously I couldn't sit inside and watch anymore TV. I was starting to go stir crazy. I have a nice looking back yard again, but oopps, I have burnt bald noggin now. Ouch.

My parents came back from the Grand Canyon yesterday and came and picked me up and took me to Outback for Easter dinner. It definitely was a treat and I enjoyed every morsel. Of course it was good to get out of the house and have a little family time!!

Today I wanted to be somewhat productive to get back into the swing of things. I went to Loco to catch up on the week's paperwork, etc. I was there for about 3 hours. I wanted to run a couple more errands, but I was so pooped I just went to Fry's to get a few things and back home it was. That was enough for me. It's starting to get frustrating because I feel good, I just don't have any energy. It's definitely taking me longer to bounce back to my normal self this time around, that's for sure. But, I never did expect this to be easy. One day at a time.

I always have been a fan of mail. I like going to get my mail, it's exciting to me (even if it is just bills!). It's especially exciting now because I never know who is going to send me something to put a smile on my face. Well, today I got lots of smiles and it made me happy. I got 2 cards in the mail and I got a package from my chemo angel Mary. These angels are awesome!! She sent me a pink/black monogrammed E tote, a matching E photo album and some chocolate/sweets. How nice!! I can't wait to be an angel when I'm done with's a great program.

So that my friends is the update for now. I plan on going back to work on Wednesday, but I cut my hours back by 2 each day so hopefully that will help me energy wise. I will see how Wednesday goes, but hopefully after another day of rest tomorrow and not doing much I will be good to go! Maybe the Energizer bunny will then come to stay...ha.

Till the next time...

Love you all--E

Saturday, April 3, 2010

House Arrest...

Hello all, just checking in to let you all know I'm still alive and kickin'! I last left you on the day after my treatment when I just felt like resting and seriously that's been all that I have been doing! I put myself on house arrest today because I was not feeling good at all yesterday. I had no energy whatsoever and I was pretty weak. I basically felt like everything had been sucked out of me. Not fun. My body didn't hurt (which was weird) but it took everything out of me just to do something!

I wanted to go the Farmer's Market here in Mesa this morning, but after not sleeping good (for the 2nd night in a row, thank you Prednisone)...I decided I just didn't feel like I had enough energy to be out of the house dealing with people and such. Therefore, I stayed at home all day and I'm thankful that I did. It did the trick. I only took one nap too even though a second was tempting! I had my lunch outside in the sun to get my Vitamin D, which felt amazing. I even watched some of my shows online on my patio because it was too nice to be inside. It was also a nice change of scenery for me as well since all I have been doing is laying in my chair watching TV. Getting kind of old, but seriously, that's all I feel like doing.

I took a hot shower, cooked myself a yummy healthy dinner of grilled fish and vegetables and I'm starting to get some more pep in my step. I will still continue to take it easy and I won't be leaving the house until tomorrow night for Easter dinner at Outback with Mom, Dad and Dad's cousin Steve! I'm looking forward to it.

I finally got a package my from 2nd chemo angel, Mandy. She lives in Massachusetts and she seems really nice. I don't really know that much about her yet, but she sent me a cute coffee mug with some white chocolate hot chocolate mix from her favorite coffee shop in Cape Cod. I tried it out last night and it's delicious! Thanks Mandy! :)

I also got another package yesterday from E. Bunny....duh, the Easter Bunny. Well, the return address was my parents address, but my Mom swears she didn't send me anything and that my Easter gift is waiting at home for me tomorrow! So, if anyone wants to own up to this gift, I'd like to say thank you!! :)

Anywho, I'm just plugging along. Yesterday was definitely not a good day, but hey, I didn't expect everyday to be easy. I just have to take it one day at a time...

I hope everyone has a happy and blessed Easter Sunday tomorrow!

I will check back in soon...

Love, E

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Rest, Rest and more Rest...

Hello all! I'm just checking in to let you know how the day after is going. I didn't sleep all that great last night. I kept waking up at all hours of the night. I have therefore taken 2 naps today, but hey, I can and they were awesome. I did venture out to get my Neulasta shot (was in and out of there today unlike my last time). I then treated myself to some frozen yogurt afterwards. :) We all deserve some treats.

Have you all gotten fooled today? I have been good all day today catching people in April Fool's jokes, but my Aunt pulled a fast one on me...darn. She got me...good. Oh well, it was worth a chuckle. She caught me at a good time too...I had just woken up from my nap so I wasn't on my A-game. Hee hee.

So other than feeling just super duper tired, I feel pretty good. No weird side effects yet. Like I was telling my Mom last night, I don't feel as bad as the first treatment, but I don't feel as good as the 2nd. So, I'm in the middle and I will take that!! Another day of rest is upon me tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it.

Happy April everyone...

The Trooper--E