Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Eve of Round 4 (I hope)

Hi all! Just checking in here before I go in for Round 4 tomorrow, or so I hope! I am really quite nervous. I spent most of the day staying busy, keeping my mind occupied with other things rather than tomorrow. I'm always thinking positive, but I'm still just nervous. I will learn a lot tomorrow so it's stressful. 1. I will learn the results of my PET scan. 2. I will find out if my blood work is OK to give me Round 4. 3. I will probably find out for sure if I will get the bone marrow transplant (that's dependent on my PET scan too). Yikes, big day tomorrow...big day.

Let's see I have recuperated great from the Tillman walk. I really wasn't sore at all and I thought I would be. My back hurt a little bit but my hot tub cured that. Gotta get some tub action in while I can...the heat is coming quick!

I worked on Sunday and Monday. I had quite a few friends come in and visit me so that was nice. Thank you guys! I also was asked if I was Jewish (I guess if you convert people tend to shave their heads?!) Interesting approach. Then I made 2 people cry at the bar when I was telling them my story. Oopss. Never want that to happen, but tears are uncontrollable sometimes.

I had lots of pep in my step today, of course because I get treatment tomorrow. Great, thanks for taking the pep out of my step. Way to give me the hammer!! Boo...

For the first time I really am not looking forward to treatment. I usually get excited and I'm pumped for it. I'm not dreading it, I just am not looking forward to feeling like crap. Maybe I won't feel like crap after this one, who knows. I am excited though because if I do get it, then I'm getting closer to the end of the tunnel. That makes me happy. Like I said I'm always thinking positive, but I always wonder, "what if." That damn word...it should be eliminated from the dictionary as well as "maybe." Ugh. Hate those words. I guess it's the unknown that is scary, nerve-wracking and dreadful. Oh well, time will tell. One day at a time.

It's been a crazy week for Arizona sports teams. The Coyotes and the Suns are both in the playoffs and the D-backs have been stinking up the ball field. I'm still a fan though.

Ok, so your job tonight and tomorrow is to send me positive energy! Good thoughts! I need good PET scan results and I need my blood work to be good so I can get my treatment! As a team we can do this...remember, there's no I in TEAM.

I will be sure to update you all as soon as I get home tomorrow. My appointment with my Doc is at 1:45pm (AZ time) and treatment will follow if I get it.

Thanks in advance for the thoughts and prayers...love you all.

Till tomorrow, Erin

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  1. Hang in there, Erin. We're praying for you today, and always, that this is a good day for you. I hope round 4 will go easy on you...

    Looking forward to your update later today/tonight.

    Kathy (and SC crew)