Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Days Are Here Again...

That was the song playing by Barbara Streisand in the car when we pulled up to Ironwood today. It came true folks! Dr. Nabong informed me that my cancer is 90 to 95% GONE. Can you believe it? I'm not so sure I do yet, I think I'm still in shock. All that I could do was cry. I am just so happy. My tumor is gone, there are no other masses, but there still are some pesky swollen lymph nodes that are lurking. Hey, that's fine. I still have 2, yes 2 more treatments. I just finished my 4th. I'm sure you are going to ask why do I still have to get treatment if the cancer is pretty much gone. Well, it's not totally gone and I'm pretty sure I think I want it all gone, right? Ha. My Mom said it right...when a doctor prescribes you antibiotics he tells you to keep taking it until it's gone even if you feel better! So, that's what we are doing with the chemo. Mind as well really "crush and kill" this crap over 100%!

So, I couldn't hear any better news...I am just besides myself. I keep crying every time it comes out of mouth. So happy, so happy, so freakin' happy!!! What a relief for me, my family and for all of you guys out there. I seriously couldn't do it without all of your support as well.

But wait, there was more good news. I did say I got treatment today so that meant that my blood work came back was fantastic. My white blood cell count was 3.5. It had nearly quadrupled since my last treatment. Not sure how that is possible...but he said since my bone marrow isn't affected it's still working good and I guess it just didn't produce enough last time. I think I got last time's dose this time as well! Hey, I'll take it.

So, I'm back home and Dad's cutting down my palm tree that I lost the battle with. Boo. I tried little tree, but there was no hope. Mom is probably going to go home tonight and I'll be by myself, but hey, I'm OK! I am in SUPER HIGH SPIRITS and so far, I feel fine. I do feel zapped of my energy already so I will be happily resting.

The only thing that is missing from this great news is a cold Miller Lite in my hand right now. I'm envious of the ones in Mom and Dad's hands. My chemo nurse told me I could have a glass or 2 of wine, but hey, it's not necessary and honestly, I feel like what I have been doing since February 4th has obviously been working so I'm not going to change it. Thank you body! I will just keep on going...

So, although I shed some tears today and probably will for the next few days at least you all know they are happy tears and tears of relief.

We are still on schedule. I will be calling Dr. Schriber's office tomorrow to see if he wants to see me about the transplant. We think it may not fully be determined until after my final PET scan. Oh and I have another MUGA scan coming up. They need to check out my heart and see if it's still ticking properly with all this crap they have been putting in me. I'm sure it will check out fine.

So that my friends is probably the best post I have ever written. Such a good day. Even though it is cloudy, dismal and windy here today, that wasn't going to rain on my parade. Hip Hip Hooray!! Thank you thank you thank you a million times over for all your positive thoughts. I have over 40 comments on my Facebook page about my results. Like I said before, I couldn't do this without the support from my amazing family and friends and even strangers. Love you all!!!

I'll check back in tomorrow and let you know how I'm feeling...

Love--The Cancer Butt Kicker


  1. Honestly Erin.....all I can say is PRAISE GOD!!!! We love you

  2. This is EXACTLY the news I was hoping to read when I came here today. I had been thinking about you all day. Keep up the cancer butt kickin'! Love, Rhonda

  3. Not only did the chemo do this, and God do this, but YOU did this. Keep it up girl...and FINISH IT. We all think about you all the time and will keep up the prayers until this is just a memory.

  4. There is nothing stronger then love, a good attitude and positive thoughts! Not only do you have all three but you have hundreds if not thousands of people all over the country praying for you and loving you! The way you have handled this with dignity, grace and determination is truly amazing and I know you will be an inspiration to many in the future who have to kick this diseases ass! I love you lady pants! I can't wait for our girls trip celebration when this is ALL over! XOXO