Saturday, April 24, 2010

I'm a hot flash...

Hello all! I'm just dinging in here to let you know that I am still alive and doing good! This time actually hasn't been that bad...I think it's because I got that good news. NOTHING will get me down now!

The side effects this go-around have been minimal. The biggest annoyance is the re-occurring hot flashes I get all day long. They come out of the blue and my cute bald head gets a little beady with sweat. Ha. Then, it goes away. I guess this is what it'll be like with menopause...I'm just getting a taste of it early. I have been sleeping really good and I actually feel great as well. I wish I just had more energy, but little by little I am climbing to the peak.

Last night was fun. Mom and Laur came over to keep me company and of course there were lots of laughs. We played Scrabble, had a yummy dinner that Mom cooked and she even brought dessert. I had some strawberries with frozen yogurt. YUM! I haven't had fruit in a really long time so it was delicious. There are even leftovers for my Prednisone causing eating binges.

Today I let this caged animal out of the house for a short trip to the Farmer's Market. I usually go to the one in Scottsdale, but there is one here in Mesa as well. So, I tried that. Very disappointed. I didn't buy a thing and just headed up to the Scottsdale one. I got my veggie fix for awhile so I'm happy! That outing about did me in and of course there was a nap in my future...

I am planning on returning to work on Wednesday. That leaves me 3 more days of rest and energy building and I think that will be all that I need. I am already ready (mentally) to get back to work, but I just poop out too fast.

I got my MUGA (heart) scan scheduled already for Tuesday so I'm looking forward to getting that over with. Mom and Dad will be frolicking on the beaches of Rocky Point for a few days so starting tomorrow I will be watching the beloved pet. She always has a good time here with Heidi and Frank.

So that my friends is the latest from the confines of my home. I hope you all are having a good weekend.

Till the next time..

Love you all---The Caged Animal

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