Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm like a camel...

Hi there everyone, just wanted to write and give you a little update. I'm hanging in there. Not sure how I'm feeling today. Part of me feels like I took a step back, but I really don't know how that is possible. I have rested more this time than I have any other treatment before. Maybe too much rest is hurting me? HAHAHAHA. I kid.

Let's see, I spent ANOTHER day on house arrest yesterday. I made this stepping stone art project that Aimee and Lyda gave me. It turned out good. I also put together a silly puzzle one of my chemo angels gave me. That was pretty much the extent of my day besides watching a lot of useless TV and a nap.

I left the house today for only the 3rd time since last Wednesday. Amazing. Talk about getting barn sour. My dogs are sick of me and my body is almost permanently imprinted on my Lazy Boy. I take one back, my dogs could never get sick of me. I have an addition too for another day, little Miss Sydney. She loves it here.

My exciting outing today was to the Loc to get caught up on the past week and have some lunch. It wore me out quick and I couldn't get home fast enough to take a nap, although I couldn't sleep. Weird. Today is a frustrating day because I feel good. My mind feels good, etc, but I just don't have strength. SUCKS! It's really hard to describe and I don't think any of you will ever understand. That's ok though. That's why I take it one day at a time.

I do feel better as the day is ending. Maybe it's because I got some greasy pizza, chicken wings and salad for dinner? Comfort food to make me happy? I think I'll finish it off with some frozen yogurt and strawberries. That should do it. Ha.

I think too going back to work will make me feel bettter. I mean really, there is only so much sitting around one can do. Can it make you worse? Oh I don't know...I'm probably just rambling.

Tomorrow is my heart scan. I'm sure my ticker is stronger than ever so I'm not concerned in the least. Just another test checked off the list!

Oh and in reference to my blog title...I feel like a freakin' camel. I can't get enough water!! I've been so thirsty this time around. It could be because it was 90 something today here, but I still believe it's the chemo. I drink and drink and drink, but nothing is quenching my thirst! I think my body is really craving a cold Miller....ahhhhh....

I'm going to head to bed here soon, having visions of the beach where my Mom and Dad are in Rocky Point and wishing I was there....c'mon light at the end of the tunnel, you are getting closer and I can see my vacation...

Till the next time...

Love you all--E

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