Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Just not the same...

Hello all! Thought I would check in today and say hello and tell you how I'm doing. I'm doing pretty good. I survived the weekend and have been resting every chance I get when I'm not working. Today I realized a few things though and had a few moments. Those are to be expected though and quite honestly I haven't had a moment in awhile. By moment I mean, a breakdown, the flood gates open and I weep. Ok, I probably do more than weep, but you get the idea. I don't want you all to think I'm a cry baby though. Ha.

I have realized that physically I'm not the same anymore. I actually realized this awhile ago, but I didn't accept it. Now I have accepted it. It's super frustrating, but I have accepted that it's ok. My energy levels are just not what they used to be and my strength is weak. I used to be in it for a marathon and now I may just be a slow walk. For instance, I went out to do some yard work. Not intense yard work by any means, but just to pull a few weeds and trim a few branches. I got tired quick. I know now I have to do everything in intervals, a little bit here, a little bit there. Most importantly, I have to come to realize that it's not going to get any easier anytime soon so I am OK with asking for help...so get ready people...I may be asking. At least I know this is only temporary...there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I think I forgot to mention but I got my PET scan scheduled for Friday at 9:30am. I won't know the results until I go in for my meeting before my 4th round on the 21st, but that's only 5 days after my scan so I can wait that long. It just gives me (and all of you) more time to think good thoughts for positive results, right?

Other than getting frustrated with myself I have been feeling pretty good. I'm still tired, I still wake up tired, but I feel pretty darn normal. Thank goodness. Just took a bit longer to bounce back though.

Tomorrow I will soon become a household of 6. Only one human though (me). The other 5 will be doggies. Heidi and Frank will have their friends Keebler, Snoopy and Darla here until Sunday. And yes, they will all sleep in my bed with me, unless I kick them off. My ex Chris and his fiance April are getting married on Saturday in Vegas so I'm watching the doggies! We will have fun though and will all be tuned in to watch their wedding live on-line on Saturday. I think it's cool that we can watch it!! Speaking of my kids, they just got a bath. They look and smell so much better. It's always fun to get them out of the tub and then they run around like wild animals for awhile...so funny.

So, that is the update for now. I hope all of you are doing well! Take care and until the next time...

Love, E


  1. First, you can call on us! I have some GREAT weed pullers over here. Just let us know how we can help. Rides, cleaning, yard, groceries, whatever..

    Second, my sis did the online Vegas wedding, although I did get to be there. It was cool that all the fam could watch. :)

    Third, glad your doggies bring you joy and you can laugh a little. Crying is good, but laughter is necessary. :) My dog does the same thing. I think they are trying to tell us they are happy to be clean!

    love you and praying LOTS for you. God lets us have these things so we can learn something and bless others through it. But He can heal and He can give us strength when we have no more. You're in His hands.


  2. You're still doing great. It will continue to be a marathon but just remember, you don't have to sprint. Just walk. Love, Ashleigh

  3. Ups and downs... you're stronger than most people walking around you... one day at a time and keep your head up. Good luck with all those dogs!

  4. You are doing great Erin- I am so proud of your and your attitude- I wish I could be there to help in anyway. I'm sure my Dad wouldn't mind helping with the yard work. I'll send him some Keystone to thank. Good luck with all those dogs. Maybe after they leave, I could get a maid to clean up the house. Whatcha think? We all know you are a Supergirl, with super cancer-kicking powers but some times even supergirls need a litte help with the laundry. Just let me know when! Love you so much!- Nicolette