Thursday, April 22, 2010


Hello all! Just checking in to let you know how I'm feeling today. I slept pretty darn good last night. The weather here is pretty chilly for us....20 degrees below the norm with a few rain showers. It actually is nice for a change though, probably the coolest it'll be until the Fall! The Prednisone will start to sink in tonight I'm sure, but maybe it won't! I guess I will find out...

I'm feeling not so bad...I just have no energy. I have been resting in my "station" all day long. I woke up feeling a little queasy, but I had to take my meds and one of the pills I take is an anti-nausea medicine so once that kicked in I was good. I have had 3 good meals all day long with a few snacks so I'm not lacking in the food eating department that's for sure!

I mustered up energy to get to my shot and all went well there. I had to stop at the Post Office to pick up a package that was delivered yesterday from Mandy, one of my chemo-angels. I love the mail! :)

After the shot, I was back to resting and more resting. I even took a nap for 40 minutes. So, I guess I will just continue to rest. I have to admit it's getting old already, but then again it's all I feel like doing. I have no energy to do anything else so I just have to deal with it. At least I have good stuff to watch on TV, Facebook to entertain me and TONS of emails and such to read from all of you amazing supporters!! The response with my good news yesterday has been so overwhelming. My Mom says her inbox is flooded as well. It sure is a good feeling to know that the prayers, positive energy and thoughts are working!! I can only imagine what it's going to feel like when I hear the words "you are cancer free" I love you all! Keep 'em coming, it's not over yet!

As my chemo nurse reminded me today when she stopped in to check on me, "you certainly don't have the same look on your face as you did yesterday, but just remember, you are 2/3rds of the way done!" Yes, I am!! Even though the chemo may continue to get harder to deal with, I now know in my head that it's doing it's job and I know I am very close to ridding myself of this crap, if not already!! I can go in these last 2 treatments with even more confidence. Such a great feeling.

So that my friends is the update from my station. Mom and my Aunt will be coming over tomorrow night to hang out with me. I'm looking forward to their visit which I'm sure will include laughter and we all know that laughter is the best medicine!

Happy Friday everyone...

Till the next time!

Love, E

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  1. I'm so happy to hear your good news! Have a great weekend and keep smiling.