Monday, May 17, 2010

Is that Erin?

Hello all! I thought I would ding in and say hello even though I don't have any updates as far as the cancer world goes. I still feel amazingly great and really am happy to have these extra 2 weeks of feeling great. I should still be recuperating from Round 5 about now, but nope, I got a hall pass. Hee hee.

Work has been going good. My strength is holding up. I was extremely tired on Friday for some reason, but after sleeping for 11 hours that night I bounced right back and felt like a new person.

The Suns started another round of the playoffs versus the Fakers...I mean Lakers. I hate this team too. And I hate that we both share the color purple. Boo on that. If you didn't know, we lost tonight, but that's ok, there are still 6 more games to go.

The funny thing about tonight was I went to Loco to watch the game. I brought Heidi and Frank for the adventure and they had a blast. They are 2 worn out exhausted pups though. I mean their social life is quite hectic (that was sarcasm). I wore my wig to the Loc for the first time. I have never worn it there. I mean my wig is pretty darn close to my "old" hair before I got it cut and then lost it. It may be a smidge darker, but still, it's pretty similar. I swear nobody recognized me. It was hilarious. Funny that people didn't recognize me because I had hair. Who would have thunk? People were doing double takes and then were like, "Oh, I totally didn't recognize you!?" Weird, huhh? I mean I'm normal with hair right? I guess people have just gotten used to seeing me without hair and sporting a bandana. Goes to show you how quickly things become the norm.

I still haven't gotten my echocardiam scheduled yet, but hopefully it will here soon. If I haven't heard by Wednesday I will give them a call myself. There's only a week left before I see my Doc again so I gotta get it done soon!

So that's the latest from me. I hope you all are doing well. Still no 100 degree temp here yet, but I see it forcasted on Thursday so we will see if the weathermen are right!! Take care everyone...

Love you all--Erin

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  1. Hi Erin - Good to hear from you and that you are doing so well. You remain at the top of my daily prayer list and you are an inspiration for us all. Thank you for that. Ken and Yvonne would be so proud of you and your mom as well. I will give your Sun's a couple of games from my Laker's to keep it interesting! :) Best wishes as you get better each passing day. Please say "hi" to your mom and dad for me.