Monday, May 10, 2010

Round 5 Coming Up!

Hello all, sorry I haven't written in quite a few days, but honestly there hasn't been too much to write about! I still feel amazingly fantastic. Great, just in time to get kicked down again. But hey, this is the 2nd to last time this will happen and for that, I'm happy! You seriously have no idea how ready I am for this all to be over.

I wrote last on cinco de drinko. I have been a pretty busy girl since then with work and social activities. Yes, I have been social and over the weekend I tried to stay away from my house as much as possible since I will see it's confines far too much here starting Wednesday. My friend from high school had her wedding reception on Saturday night so I went to that with my parents and it was lots of fun. It was nice to see some of my friends and their parents, etc. Then, Sunday was Mother's Day. I spent the entire day with my family and we had so much fun. I think Mom had a great day as well! I mean just spending time with all of us is a gift in itself.

We started off the day by going to a yummy brunch. Too bad I couldn't partake in the champagne/mimosa drinking so instead I was the DD. HA. Afterwards we all went back to my parents house and Mom opened gifts. She was pretty spoiled this year, but she is SOOOO worth it. She got an iPad from my brother and Dad and I gave her the pictures and slide show from my professional photo shoot that my friend Stacy did. I will post the pics here at the end of this blog so you can see them and I hope to get the slide show up here as well, but I'm not having luck with that so far. Of course more tears were flowing when I showed her it. It's just so touching. I feel so strange crying looking at myself, but then again I think it's tears of proudness. I really am proud of myself and seeing myself re-iterates it. Make sense? Maybe not...maybe I am a weirdo for crying at myself. Ha.

So, that has been it over the last couple days. Tomorrow is "prep" day for my upcoming "staycation" here in Mesa. I need to run a few errands, get the dogs groomed, get my blood drawn and stock up on food for the next week or so.

I'm looking forward to getting #5 out of the way because then I will have just ONE last treatment. WOO HOO! That's reason to celebrate there.

I will check back in on Wednesday night to let you all know how I'm doing...until then, enjoy my pictures! :)

Love, E

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  1. You know how much I absolutely love ALL these pictures! What a wonderful Mother's Day gift--but YOU truly are the best gift of all! Love you EB, Ma