Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Oh it's a thumping alright. My heart is 100% normal according to Dr. Rizik. It's vigorously beating. That's what I like to hear. He could tell by looking at it for just a second. He said the only thing wrong with me is my Buckeye heritage. He's a Wolverine. Whatever!! My heart is beating so good because I'm not a Michigan fan. :)

I have no reason to suspect that I will encounter any more bumps in the road. In fact, I'm not really considering this a bump in the road because nothing came of it. My heart is fine, just as expected. Glad I know for sure though. I would like to call the last 2 weeks an intermission...a taste of what life will resume to SOON! I simply can't wait.

Tomorrow is Round 5. Bright and early at 9:45am is my meeting with Dr. Nabong. Treatment to follow. Looking forward to getting it over with.

I have had a great day so far...I even went to visit my friend Jason who's been in the hospital with colon cancer as well as liver cancer. Talk about a double whammie. Dow and I went to see him and although he's lost a few pounds, he looked pretty good. He was just about to get his first round of chemo. I feel really good that I went to see him because I feel like I gave him a big boost of confidence. It's my first time "helping" someone. It felt good. I get vibes from people and I have a feeling Jason will come out of this fine.

Weird thing is he's on the same floor as the bone marrow transplant people. I saw Jane, the lady whom I've been talking to, and we had a nice chat. Still don't know about this transplant yet, but all in due time.

The best part of the day was the Suns just won. It's like a new series now. Back to LA with the series all tied up. WOO HOO! Thank you to Mary (my card angel) for sending me the delicious Edible Arrangement of fruit. I haven't had fruit in 4 months because of the sugar content (although it's natural sugar, I've refrained). Fruit has never tasted so good. I believe it was good luck. Thank you so much, I ate half of the fruit in one sitting...ha. So good.

So, I will give you all an update tomorrow on how I'm feeling after Round 5, but I have a good feeling I will come out of feeling great. I think the extra 2 weeks helped.

Till tomorrow my friends! Purple Power!!!

Love you all--E

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