Thursday, June 17, 2010

Chemo Over, Part 2

Hi there everyone! Sorry that I didn't go into more detail yesterday about my big day, but I just wasn't feeling up to it. Staring at the computer and concentrating was not making me feel good and my brain just wasn't with it. So be it. That hopefully will never happen again seeing as though I graduated from chemotherapy yesterday! I did it guys, I did it!! I certainly couldn't have done it without all of you though that's for sure. So thank you.

We started off like we usually do, breakfast at Cindy's Cafe. Then it was off to Ironwood. Mom was the photographer and captured my typical chemo routine. I know I promised in my last post that I would have pictures, well I will only have one because Mom can't figure out how to send the pictures from her new Mac to me that I can use. I can't copy and paste them or save them on my computer. So, the good ones will have to wait until Sunday when I go to their house and can figure it out myself. So sorry. Something for you all to look forward to!

I had a slew of questions for Scott (Dr. Nabong's PA) and I got them all answered for the most part. We really don't know what's going to happen. The PET scan that should be done around the 12th of July will determine all. I will really need you all pulling for me on that day! I pray it comes back clean. My docs will talk with Dr. Schriber over at the Bone Marrow Transplant center and we will go from there. My next meeting with Dr. Nabong is on July 15th. Big day peeps. I thought my lab visits were over, but nope, I'll be going in the day prior to get my blood drawn so you all know I'm looking forward to that. HA.

We had a few more photo's taken with my Docs and I gave them the cupcakes. My owner Ryan at Loco, his girlfriend owns "Cupcakes" in N. Scottsdale so I ordered a dozen for my docs and a dozen for the nurses as a thank you for ridding me of this crap. Dr. Nabong tried to take both boxes, but after I gave him just one, he flew down the hall with them. I don't think he shared because my chemo nurse said she didn't see any cupcakes in his office. Too funny.

So at 12:35pm I was hooked up for the final time. At 2:33pm the needle came out of my port for the last time. WOO HOO. Before the exit of the needle though all the nurses that were on-duty came over and congratulated me, hugged me, presented me with a certificate of completion (which I will include at the end). It was touching. I really didn't get as emotional as I thought I would, probably because I felt like crap when I left there. I did have a few tears when I left, but other than that, I don't think it's really hit me yet. It may not until I know this crap is gone. Time will tell.

After chemo we all came back here. I rested, Dad snoozed on my couch and Mom started to go through my PILES of cards! She will read the rest tomorrow when her and my Aunt come over for Chemo Friday. Ha. Mom then made my favorite dinner and thankfully I was able to eat it, 2 bowls no less! YUM! After dinner though I was pretty queasy, but I fought to keep it in my belly and I did. Whew. I can officially say that I made it through 6 rounds of heavy duty chemo without getting sick. That's an accomplishment in itself I think. :) Mom and Dad left a little after 6 and I took a short nap and just rested. I sure didn't feel good. I went to bed early and was up at 3am until about 4:30am (stupid Prednisone) but once I fell asleep I was out like a light until 9am.

I feel much better today. Still weak and tired, but definitely not as bad as the last time. Maybe just knowing this is the last one helps too. I rested this morning and watched the first disc of Season 1 of "Brothers and Sisters" that's a good show. I love it already. I went to get my WBC booster shot at 1:30pm. As I was waiting in the waiting room, one of the nurses was leaving and she looked at me and said, "we are still talking about those cupcakes!" HAHAHA. Sounds like that doesn't happen that often! Sad.

I came home from that, had some lunch and then I went to the Post Office to send back my Netflix so I can get another disc, hopefully Saturday! Other than that I've just been resting. I am officially on house arrest till Sunday, Father's Day. I'll just be going to my parents though, nothing extravagant. I'm just happy that I don't feel miserable. Dr. Nabong thought this one would be tough like the last one, but it's not. So far so good. We will see how this shot affects me tomorrow.

So that my friends is the full update from the final day of chemo. I'm so happy it's over with and I can't wait to feel normal again. At least I know that every day will get better from here on out. Yippee! Thank you to all of you for your support as well. Like I said earlier, I couldn't have made it without you! :) :) :)

I will update again soon. Just know I'm resting and at home catching up on my DVR!

Have a great weekend everyone.

Love you all--Erin 6, Cancer ZERO (haha, I love it.)

My certificate, yes there's is a typo and it's bugging me!

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