Wednesday, June 23, 2010

On the up...

Hello all! I am happy to write here today and tell you that I am feeling much much better! The best part is I know that I will just keep feeling better and better from here on out! So happy.

I think it took a few days for the antibiotics to "work" in my system because come Monday my "rash" was so much better. I still had leg pain, but it wasn't as severe and yesterday there was no pain at all. Same today. So the lymph nodes have stopped acting up, thank goodness. Whew! I think I nipped it in the bud. I will still be taking the antibiotics until Saturday.

The only side effect I'm dealing with now is the neuropathy. Ugh. It's in my hands and feet, definitely worse than the last round, but it does come and go. I'm still taking my B6 vitamins (ok, I missed a couple days...maybe that's why it's back) but I will be taking it from here on out for sure!

I got my PET scan scheduled for July 12th. That's a big day folks. The verdict will be delivered then on the 15th. I'm nervous already. I just want to know...but soon I will. I have a lot of fans out there that have good gut feelings that it's gone and I won't need a transplant. My gut is on the fence as of now. I usually don't get "feelings" this far out either so we'll see what my gut tells me when it gets closer to the day. :) Hey, it is what it is.

I got to spend the last few days with my family, my brother included! It was great fun. His dog Tillman got to meet my dogs Heidi and Frank today too and that was a hoot. Frank and the T-man got along great. My dogs are woooooorn out.

I am going back to work tomorrow! Mentally I'm ready but I think my body will take a couple days to get used to working again, but there's people there at work to help me. I'm sure I will be fine. I can't sit around here any longer either. It's time. I need to start saving for my well deserved vacation too!! Hee hee hee.

So that my friends is the latest. It's hotter than heck here, N. Arizona is in flames, a restaurant is serving Lion burgers here in Mesa, but we won today in the FIFA cup! Woo hoo! I will finally include pictures of my final day of chemo...enjoy!!!

Love you all--Erin

The Ironwood Cancer & Research Facility

Getting my vitals taken!

Scott, Dr. Nabong's PA and I

Dr. Nabong and I

Both my Doc's rubbing my bald head...they were so jealous! :)

Getting ready to get hooked up for the LAST time!

This "numbing" spray burns!

And here are the cupcakes for the nurses!

Just getting a huge syringe of cancer killer biggie. (That's the heart damaging one.)

Just another day in the chemo chair...

The awesome nurses & I presenting me with my certificate...a little teary eyed!! :)

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