Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Hello there all! Well, I really don't have much to report as far as feedback goes from my Doc. I called first thing on Monday morning and I didn't get a call back (well I may have but I missed the call and they didn't leave a message). So, I emailed him directly last night. Screw phone calls, I got a response in 17 minutes! Ha. He told me the decision was so far split and that he was waiting to hear from the big guy, the head of MD Anderson. So hopefully he will hear something in the next couple days. He asked me what my thoughts were and I told him I was leaning towards no. I haven't heard anything since that.

I'm enjoying my cancer free life, that's for sure. I went yesterday with Mom to get a new computer. I am now a proud owner of a MAC. I LOVE IT. I finagled my way into a free iPod touch too...hee hee. The promo said if you buy a MAC for college you get a free iPod touch...well, I don't right go to college right now, but I did and I still have my ID so that worked! Ha. I'm obsessed with both of these new toys...such great entertainment. Oh technology these days.

So that is a little update from here. I will keep you posted if I hear anymore...

Till the next time...

Love, Erin

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  1. SO glad you're a mac girl!! :) I converted about 2 years ago and am the happiest kid on the block!! LOVE my iPod touch too! Nice perk!! Cheersing your cancer free self from here with a nice cold ML~ YAY!!