Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Less than 12 hours...

Till I hear the biggest news of my I can't believe it's almost finally here!! I feel like I've waited forever!! I really don't know how I feel...all I know is I'm hoping that I want to hear only good news. I do know that whatever the news is I can handle it. I'm strong enough. I'm ready. Bring it. I can really almost taste the Miller Lite in my mouth too...I think that's a big sign. :)

Flower update: I got a new arrangement delivered to work yesterday. The lady couldn't pull up the delivery information to see if creepy neighbor had signed for them, so whatever. I hope he's enjoying them. Ugh. At least I got a fresh new arrangement. Thank you Mary!! :)

Blood sucking went fine today...I love going there because everyone hates the fact that I made an appointment and I "jump" the line...hee hee hee. I'm no dummy.

It's almost midnight here and I best try and get some rest. I hope I can sleep.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. I will post tomorrow as soon as I'm able to!! Keep thinking the good thoughts...I hope my journey ends tomorrow!

Till tomorrow with good news...

Love you--E

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