Sunday, July 11, 2010

Say a little prayer for me...please.

Hello all! Tomorrow embarks one of the biggest weeks of my life. My future is dependent on how my scan turns out tomorrow morning. Am I nervous? Yes. Am I scared? Yes. Am I emotional? Yes. More than anything though I'm looking forward to it all being over.

I followed all the "rules" today though. I am not allowed to have any caffeine 24 hours prior to my scan. So that meant this morning I couldn't have my soda for me either. In fact, I really tried to eat healthy today. Lots of water, etc. I also couldn't exercise and since we all know I haven't done that in 5 months, I decided exercise would be replaced with nothing strenuous. So, I took it easy today. I have an excuse. Tomorrow is HUGE.

So with that said, I would like all of you to say a little prayer for me tonight that my scan will come back clean as a trace of cancer in my body anywhere. I know it will happen and I can't wait till Thursday to hear the good news. Thank you all.

Scan time: Approximately 8:30am AZ time. :)

Love, Erin

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  1. praying every day for you! god bless! -jenny