Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Journey is O-V-E-R....

Hello all! I finally have something to write about! I finally got the final verdict from Dr. Schriber about 2 hours ago! He discussed at lengths with the folks over at MDA and the bias after the discussions was to NOT go forward with the transplant. So that means my journey is OVER! I did it. I just have to hope and pray that this crap will never come back! I was very much anticipating this news and I had a feeling it was going to end up like this, but I was still in shock as I was reading it. I mean, I finally got the word. It's over. I feel relieved, excited, emotional and over the top with joy! I think I have a permi-smile on my face. :) :) :) :) :). Whew, what a relief!

That means my party on the 21st will really be a party. It's a cancer free celebration, but now it's a complete celebration that my journey as I fight NHL is OVER!

So other than that, I have just been living life and loving it. Going out with my friends, working away and being a normal person! It's awesome. I feel great too! I feel like my strength and stamina is back at full force as well. Yippee.

I'm looking forward to going to visit my brother for a night next week, then my party next Saturday and then my much needed vacation at the end of the month to California. I CAN'T WAIT!!!

That's about it from here! I'm going to grill up a celebratory steak dinner. Yum. I deserve it.

Oh, here's the invite to my party...7pm, August 21st at Loco Patron! Hope to see you all there!

Even though my journey is officially over, I am still going to keep up with my blog. I really enjoy writing it! Hope you all will continue to follow it as well. But for now...


Love, Erin

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