Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back in Shape!

Hey there everyone...just thought I would post a new blog to let you know how amazing my life is going. Ha! I have finally recuperated from my vacation...it took awhile, but I did! I thought I was fighting off a cold last week as well, and finally today I feel like myself again! I never did get the cold thank goodness, but I felt it trying to win, but I of course wasn't going to let that happen!

It's really weird to start thinking about the past 7 months...well actually now, the past year. It was this time last year that this all started. It was right about Labor Day that I started noticing the swelling in my groin. Seems so crazy to think about all that I have gone through in the past year. Did any of you watch the "Stand Up to Cancer" special that aired on Friday night? I did and I thought it was great. The statistics they showed on there were unbelievable. There were many tears falling down my face during the show because it was the first time I have watched a show like that having had cancer, and living as a Survivor. Pretty emotional. I seriously do hope and pray that someday there will be a cure. This cancer stuff is nasty.

For the first time in probably 10 years I went to the gym last night. Seems weird to put me and gym together, but ever since I got cancer I have never wanted to work out more. Weird, I know. Actually before I was diagnosed I had started running and I enjoyed it but then that stupid tumor got in the way and I couldn't continue anymore. I think it was more of I couldn't do something so I wanted to do it more...hence, my yearning to work out. One of the girls at work is a personal trainer so out of the goodness of her heart she trained me last night. She showed me a million things to do to get me started so I'm super excited. Yes, I was able to get out of bed today, but my body is pretty sore. It will only continue to get more sore as well, but I like being sore, it means I'm doing something. Ha! My goal is to have a great bikini body for the spring because with my great body I will have a great set of hair too!

Oh, speaking of hair, I'm tickled that I have hair on my head as well as my eyelashes and eyebrows back! Everything has come back in strong. Yippee! My armpit and leg hair could have stayed gone forever, but oh well. I had a nice 6 month break. I have officially stopped wearing bandanas on my head and I'm rocking my cute really short hair! I actually like it and it's so nice in this AZ heat! My hair looks pretty much the same as it did before...it's not coming in any crazy color or curly...so that's good.

I have my next Doctor's appointment on Friday. I get to go to the lab on Thursday too so I'm excited to feel special because I made an appointment! Hee hee. I really have nothing to discuss with him other than my feet. They are still hurting me a lot. I get out of bed and it's painful. I think I may still have some type of nerve issue. My hands still hurt every now and then too. So, I'll discuss that with him, but other than that, I hope to hear that my blood counts are perfect! I will also get my port flushed and hopefully get my CT scan scheduled for October. Eeekkk....I'm nervous already.

I am going to upload all my pictures from my trip today and when I do I will post a link to them so you all can see! They are great! I'll update again after my Doctor's appointment. Hope you all are doing good and enjoying this somewhat cooler weather! I'm ready to say adios to the 100's....

Till the next time...

Love, Erin

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