Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy Dance!

As you can see from my title of this blog I'm doing the happy dance. I've been doing it all day...I did it at Ironwood, I did it in the parking lot, I've been doing it around the house. I'M STILL CANCER FREE!!! My lymph nodes have even shrank so that's the best news I could have gotten today. I don't think the news could have gotten any better. My white blood count is still 1/10th below the minimum but it's climbing. I went from a 3.0 to a 3.9 in the 3 months so that's great. All of my other counts are in range so that is great news as well.

Of course I was pretty nervous for today but deep down I had a good feeling. I figured if it was to come back in the last 3 months I would have "felt" something...but I haven't. My Mom even said I look amazing so there's no way it has come back. I have the cutest head of hair as well and I would HATE to lose it. This hair on my head is here to stay!!!

I was just so happy when PA Scott came into the room and said "well, it's good news!" I just went "whew!" I could care less what he had to say after that, I knew it was good news. Ha. My Mom has also worked her magic and has hopefully started a possible date in my near future with Scott...hahaha. I won't say much about it for fear I may jinx it but I will keep you posted if anything happens. :)

The other great news of the day is that I am DONE with medical crap for 2010! That's right, I don't have to go back for anything until January 25th 2011! I will get another CT scan before that, blood work and then meet with Dr. Nabong and Scott. If all goes well with that scan (which I'm sure it will now) then they will schedule to get my port taken out!! Isn't that great news? I'm not sure if all of this has hit me yet, but I can tell you one thing, I can't stop smiling!!!

So that my friends is the news of the day. THANK YOU all for your thoughts and prayers...they really have worked. I can now enjoy the holidays without a cancer cloud over me, my family or friends. For that I am truly thankful. Don't worry I will continue to write in my blog at least once a week. I enjoy it and I hope you do too! Till the next time...

Love you all--Erin

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

CT #1 Done!

Hello all! I had my CT scan done today...it's the first scan I've had since July and it was a little nerve-wracking! It's also the first scan since I've been in remission and I pray that I am still in remission. This scan will tell me! I think after this one comes back clean I will have a better piece of mind. At least that's what I'm hoping for in my head! So, I'll tell you a little bit about today...

First off Mom and Dad are back on US soil and at their home sweet home. They were only 7 hours late getting in, but it's ok...they made it safe and sound. Since they were delayed so much I didn't get to bed until after 1am last night and I had to be up at 6am for my 7am check-in at Ironwood. Ugh...it was rough getting up especially when I couldn't even have any coffee! :( I got to Ironwood and for the first time ever they didn't ask for a co-pay? Is it my lucky day?? She then gives me this "drink"...it actually looked like a protein smoothie, like one of those Naked drinks. It even read "Banana Smoothie"...it was specifically for pre CT scans though. It read Ready Cat Barium Sulfate Suspension...whatever the heck that is. I didn't even ask them what it was for, I actually just assumed it was my tracer and I was pretty much right. Mom googled it and this is what she came up with: "Oral contrast is often used to enhance CT images of the abdomen and pelvis. There are two different types of substances used for oral CT contrast. The first, barium sulfate, is the most common oral contrast agent used in CT. The second type of contrast agent is sometimes used as a substitute for barium and is called Gastrografin. Barium contrast looks like and has a similar consistency as a milk shake. It is mixed with water and depending on the brand used, may have different flavors (for example, strawberry or lemon). Gastrografin contrast is a water-based drink mixed with iodine and has a tinted yellow color. When given orally, gastrografin may taste bitter."

I thankfully had the barium and the taste wasn't that bad although it's not something I would like to drink everyday! HA! She told me i had to drink this smoothie slowly over the next hour so they didn't have to give me anymore. Ha. Shortly after that I was taken back to the chemo room (ugh, nasty memories) where they got my port ready for the iodine injection I was going to get during the scan. I was still sucking down my smoothie during this as well! Ha!

Finally she came back to get me and off we were to the tube! I had to slurp down what was left of my smoothie and it was on the table. In and out of the tube, hold your breath, exhale, then ok, here comes the iodine. Wow what a weird feeling! My whole body got hot (like the insides) and then I felt like I just pee'd in my pants! Tee hee. I giggled. A few more hold your breaths, in and out of the tube and we were done! They did a CT of my neck, chest, abdomen and pelvis. Finally I could go get a real beverage...aka...coffee! YUM.

I find out the results on Tuesday when I go meet with Dr. Nabong. I feel like it's been forever since I've seen him so I hope he has good news for me!!

I will report back Tuesday when I get some GOOD news. Hope you all have a great weekend!! Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers today!

Love, Erin

Thursday, October 14, 2010

PINK PINK and more PINK!

Hello all! It's my first post of October...I love October! It's Breast Cancer Month so there is pink EVERYWHERE. It's in all the stores, in the magazines and even on big huge football players. I mean what else could you ask for? October also should mean cooler weather, but unfortunately not here in AZ so far. It was like 100 today. What?? October also means pumpkins are a'plenty. I love pumpkin anything. They are so yummy. Pumpkin pie, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin spiced lattes, you name it. YUM. October is exciting to me because it means the start of the holiday season and I love the holidays. This year I especially love them because I AM ALIVE. :)

What have I been up to the past few weeks? I have been busier than ever...but I'm loving every second of it. I am still working out and loving it. I'm still very sore, but it's that good sore. I do feel myself getting stronger so that makes me happy. Seeing and feeling results is always a good thing.

I completed the Susan G Komen "Race for the Cure" this past Sunday. I am so happy that I did it. It was such a great experience. Although it was pretty darn hot out to be running (and it was only 8:30am) I completed the 3.1ish miles in 45 minutes. That's not super duper fast, but considering what I just went through over the past few months, I'm just happy I finished! I jogged, then walked, jogged then walked. I really could have finished faster but man was it hot! There were TONS of people there of all kinds. Survivors, supporters, kids, current cancer patients, you name it...it was amazing. There were frat boys there sporting shirts that read "frat boys don't just party." A little girl sported a shirt that said, "please find a cure before I get boobies." I mean how cute is that? The people watching in itself was entertainment! I will definitely be doing it again next year...and you can bet I will finish in faster time than 45 minutes.

I got my CT Scan scheduled. I'm glad I called because it sounded like my "order" had gotten lost. They had just switched over to an electronic medical system so everything is electronic now...well my order for my CT was on paper and I guess never made it into the computer...so I'm glad I called. It is scheduled for Wednesday at 7am check-in, 8am scan. I guess I have to chug some type of concoction. Oh joy. I have yet to have a CT with contrast so this is a first...imagine that! I haven't asked for many prayers lately, but I'm asking for them on Wednesday! Let's make sure this scan comes back CLEAN! I won't find out the results until the 26th when I meet with my Doc.

Mom and Dad are still frolicking around Europe. In fact they are at sea today but I heard from Mom via text messaging this morning! They were outside of Egypt! I hadn't heard from her in over a week so it was nice to "hear" they were still alive! They have seen some amazing stuff, but are running out of energy...I think they are ready to come home! I would be too. They arrive back to the states on Tuesday. Sydney and I will be at the airport to pick them up!

That is the latest from my end. I will report back on Wednesday after my scan so I can tell you all about it. I'm quite nervous only because it's the first one post-cancer. I think I will feel a lot better after this one is done. So, please say some prayers for me and think positive thoughts! I just got my life back and I want it stay. Thank you. :)

I am attaching a few pictures from the race! Hope you all are doing good. Till Wednesday! Have a nice weekend...

Love, Erin

ME!! PINK for Boobies, LIME GREEN for NHL!