Wednesday, January 19, 2011

CT Scan #2...MANANA!

Hello all! Hope you all had a great New Year...I sure did...well, I didn't really do anything to ring it in, but I am just ever so thankful that 2010 is over with and it's a new year. Compared to last year it's starting off great...pain and cancer free. I think I like you least so far!

Nothing too exciting has been going on. I have just been working...a lot. We were really busy with the BCS Championship and other bowl games so I put in a lot of hours. My feet weren't happy, but my bank account was! Hey mind as well make the money while I can! Ha.

I have finally returned back to the gym (I took a little hiatus because I was lazy) but now I'm back and it feels good. I actually went to my first Yoga class on Monday night and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I will definitely be back. I can't believe I haven't done it before. It was great.

So tomorrow is my 2nd CT scan. I have to be at Ironwood at 7am (ugh) so that means a 6am wake up call. For some that's not early, but for me it is. I will definitely be ready for my coffee after the scan. So please think the good thoughts tomorrow for me. I'm sure there won't be an issue but positive thoughts never did any harm!

I meet with Dr. Nabong on Tuesday morning so thankfully I don't have to wait long to find out the results!

Thanks in advance...I'll update again on Tuesday!

Love, Erin

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