Sunday, July 24, 2011

Busy as a Bee!

Hello all! I swear every time I write in my blog I say I want to do update it more and I really do try and make the effort, but it just doesn't get done!! Good news is I will be posting again soon regardless because I have a CT scan coming up on August 2nd! So, please start thinking those positive thoughts for me once again! This could be (and will be) my last scan for 6 months!! A clean scan also means I will be having surgery to get my port out! YIPPEE!!

Speaking of clean, I have been trying to eat clean. I say 80% of what I eat is clean. I love to cook dinner for myself and I am reading lots of blogs and magazines to learn more. My friend Monika has a blog about eating clean, working out, etc. so I have learned A LOT from her. Thanks Monika!! Right now I have some chicken cooking in my crock-pot. It's delicious and super easy. If you would like the recipe just let me know!

I am still going to the gym and loving it. Actually today I tried something new, ZUMBA!! They just started offering it at my gym and I thought I would give it a shot. Oh's hard! I enjoyed it though and chuckled at myself a lot because I am sure I looked silly. I really felt like I was on "Dancing with the Stars!" I know with time I'll get it down and not look so silly.

I have spent most of July going here there and everywhere! I first started off the end of June by going to Sedona for a few days for my cousin's un-birthday party. She's turning 30 2 days before Christmas so she threw her party early so everyone could come. It was great fun up at the McCain ranch. After that I was off to Vegas for the 4th of July with Mom and Dad. What fun was to be had there although Vegas stole my money. Boo. Seeing the fireworks on the 34th floor overlooking Vegas was something I have never experienced before. Stunning!

After that, it was off to Laguna Beach last week to visit my best friend Lyda. I went cruisin' on beach cruisers around Newport Beach, hit Disneyland for the first time in probably 20 years and basically just relaxed and soaked in the cooler weather! It was a much needed trip to re-charge my batteries.

I have also hit some anniversaries this month. July 10th my hair turned 1! It was one year ago on the 10th that I shaved my head for the last time. :) Here is a good pic of my hair's pretty much a curly fro. I love it though and I get a lot of compliments. Finally I feel like a normal person again and curly hair isn't so's super easy too!!

Soon after that on July 15th I hit my one year in remission remark! Yes, you read that correct. One year ago on the 15th I heard the words, "you are in complete remission." YES! Best day of my life!! Here is to many more!!

I have blood sucking on Tuesday, CT scan on the 2nd and meeting with Dr. Nabong on the 9th! Here's to great news...

I will post again soon...PROMISE!!!

Love, Erin

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