Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Hello all! I have officially been deported...well not literally, but physically! I am now missing a piece of me that has been with me for 19 months, plus a day. I can't believe I almost hit my exit surgery to the month date exactly! That's right, my port was put in February 26th, 2010 and I got it removed today, September 27th, 2011. Weird how those things work! So, there may have been some people freaking out today seeing my picture posts on Facebook with me in scrubs...like what?? You OK? Well, I have to blame it on the new layout on Facebook or...maybe they just aren't up to date on my info, but regardless they care, like everyone else that is reading this and I THANK YOU for that!! I closed another chapter in my life tonight.

This one is emotional although it hasn't hit me. It really marks THE END for that dreaded word Cancer. The last "piece" of cancer has left my body...for good. It will NEVER come back. I remember that surgery 19 months ago and it was very very similar. Of course no one wants to have surgery, no one wants to be admitted to the hospital and really no one wants to have what I had done, but from everything I have been through, today was really a happy day!! Even the nurses said "congrats". Dr. Schuster shook my hand twice and was so proud of me. It's awesome. And the fact that I'm in NO PAIN right now is awesome....but that is a different story...

So we started today like we did last port surgery....Mom and Dad came to get me (although last time it was at the crack of dawn). Today I didn't have to be there till 10:30am. That means I couldn't eat after midnight (no problem) but I also couldn't drink any WATER after 6am. I love WATER! That was tough this AM, but I did it. I didn't have anything to eat or drink until about 2::30pm! Whew! My pre-op nurse was Kathy...sweet as can be. She was touched by my story, my pre-op anesthesiologist was Heidi ( an omen) and she was nice, but I really don't remember her later...my anesthesiologist was Clive (thank GOD for this man) and of course my Surgeon was Dr. Schuster!!! I was also bunked up in Room 7 before I was wheeled back and given my happy gas...lucky 7...I like it!! All I remember was getting back in the surgery room and it being FREEZING...to the point where I was shaking. They were also having a disagreement over what arm to put something in...no idea...but they figured that out and off I was...to la la land...don't remember a thing after that! I remember Sharon, my recovery nurse asking me if I was ok...I said, oh ya...wait, it's over?! It felt like it was 5 minutes!! Ha! Then, as I was "coming to" I heard someone come in and say, I gave her port to her Dad...that was Dr. Schuster!! I of course, oh great, thanks so much...thanks for everything and he said, "you're welcome, everything went fine." Just a few minutes later (maybe 20) Ma was back in the waiting room for me, helped me dress, IV out, and off I was in my wheelchair outta there! (of course I had to stop to pee!)

Quick stop at Taco Bell (man I was starved, then nap, then wine, food and good people with me ) and here I am now!! I'm still in no pain...maybe a 2 out of 10...it's gotta be the wine. How can you have surgery...have a wound and not feel pain?! It boggles my mind but for now I'm not complaining. It COULD be the wine. It COULD be that I'm tough. it COULD be a gift from GOD like, you've been through enough, I'll leave you pain free. Who knows...but for now, I am loving every second!!!

Cancer is but a memory now, it really is. I may have a character scar....a tough man scar...but who cares...it is who I am and I wouldn't change it for the world!!

Thank you to everyone who has reached out to me, been there for me, etc. etc. It means the world. Literally my fight is over with, but I continue to fight everyday to rid myself of this disease FOREVER. Amen! Love you all and goodnight....

Love, Portless Erin

PS. I'll post pics tomorrow...I need better light.

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