Thursday, September 29, 2011

Update...and a couple pics...

Hello all! I am recovering nicely from my surgery. Yesterday was a VERY lazy day. I think I left the couch only a couple times. I was still pretty woozy from the happy drugs and really just didn't feel like doing a thing. It was great. My wound is still pretty sore too. I ended up taking a Vicodin last night, but it made my tummy feel not so good, so I think I'm just going to bear with the pain as it is bearable. I really just don't like how those pain pills make me feel, but it sure made me sleep good! Ha!

Today the wooziness has subsided...thank goodness. I finally feel like a human again. I decided yesterday afternoon that it probably wasn't in my best interest to work today so I took the day off. My wound is just in a weird spot and since my job is pretty physical I didn't think it was a good idea. I don't want to push it. Plus, it's still pretty sore! I hope to be back to work tomorrow but I will see how I feel as the day progresses. If not tomorrow, I'll be back for sure Monday!

Here are some pictures of my surgery...enjoy!

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