Friday, January 27, 2012

Fight. Win. Now Live.

Hello all! I'm baaaccckkk! I'm healthy more sickness! Woo hoo! I am still enjoying the heck out of Bikram yoga. If you haven't done it before and enjoy regular yoga, you MUST try it out. I am sad that my 1 month deal is up on Tuesday. Sniff, sniff. I will be doing it again though. I would like to do it for one month twice a year. I am excited to get back to the gym though, to run, spin, weights, etc. I will be able to do that again next week! Bikram was a nice change...

As I sit here on a Friday night on the couch with my pups (only because I have to work in the morning) I decided to create a Facebook page to hopefully help others, including you, to be healthier. Change bad habits. It also will include news and information related to cancer and how to fight it. I believe you can still view it even if you don't have a Facebook account. Here is the link:

I am really excited about it and I hope a lot of people "like" it. I feel like I will be better at updating that and posting information more often than my blog only because I'm on Facebook like a million times a day! HA! I will still write in here though since I feel like this is a more personal explanation of my journey.

Speaking of journey, it's already been 6 months since my last scan!! Can you believe it? I have my next CT scan scheduled for February 7th at the crack of dawn, 7am. I have blood sucking on Tuesday with a visit to Dr. Nabong and Scott on February 10th. I am definitely anxious. I want to know that after 6 months that I am still clean as a whistle. Please start sending the prayers! Thank you!

I hope you all are having a great sure is flying by. 2012 is off to a flying start!

Till the next time! Check out my Facebook page!

Love, Erin

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