Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July Foodie PenPal Reveal!

Another month of Foodie PenPals is over and I swear it's still like Christmas waiting for my package.  This month my package was a little delayed because of a small typo on my house # and it was delivered to my neighbor's house by accident.  Not sure how long it was sitting out in the 100+ degree heat, but it made it to my door eventually!  The contents didn't disappoint either.  I LOVE trying new things and this box was full of new things once again!

Seaweed snacks are my new obsession and I send these to my foodie penpals.  They are addicting and nutritious.  YUM.  I had never had the sesame "flavor" and it didn't disappoint!

The macaroon was a tasty sweet snack.  I devoured it before I took a picture of it, but you can't even tell it's missing from the package.  Ha.

The chocolate definitely went into the fridge after being in the heat and was a little deformed in shape, but it definitely didn't lose it's flavor.  I'm a sucker for chocolate.

Another thing I have never had, these raw chips.  I was a little hesitant at first, but they actually were quite tasty for a very healthy snack.  It's hard to find yummy healthy snacks.  This one did it!  I'd like to try their other "flavors" if stores here in AZ carry them.

And last but not least was some pizza dough and artichoke pesto.  The pesto is supposed to be used for the sauce.  I have yet to cook my homemade pizza, but I know when I do it will be amazing.  I LOVE LOVE anything artichoke so I'll probably add artichokes to the pizza along with the sauce!

So another great package!  I love all my items.  Thank you very much Marina!  Can't wait to see what August has in my box!

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  1. I'm sort of afraid of seaweed snacks. But I always find myself standing in front of them at the store. I'll make sure to try them the next time I see them!