Friday, August 31, 2012

August Foodie PenPal Revealed!

Another great month for foodie penpals!  It's so fun and it's like Christmas when I get my package!  This month it came from Heather in Reno, Nevada!  She's not that far from AZ so she's still in hot weather like here in AZ so she sent me the fixings for her favorite salad and dressing (well, minus the veggies of course!)  I made the dressing and put the salad together last weekend and it was delicious!  I have never made a homemade dressing before and it was really easy.  It made me feel better than it was so much healthier than a store bought one because I know exactly what was in it!

Here are a couple pictures of what I got.  Here is the box right when I got it!

What was inside!  She included her favorite spice too (the Goya Adobe) and I put that on some turkey cutlets before I grilled them...yum!

Here is the salad I made!  I added tomatoes and turkey to it.  It was fantastic!!

Thanks again Heather a great package!  Can't wait for what September will bring me!

If anyone wants to join (it's free to join!) check out Lindsay's website here:


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