Tuesday, November 12, 2013

If it were easy, everyone would do it!

Greetings!  It's been about a month since I have last updated my blog and you can all guess my excuse....med school.  Yup, it sure is keeping me busy.  Today I finally have a moment to breath (although not for long) because I took my first big midterm yesterday.  How did it go?  Well, if it were easy everyone would be a doctor.  It sure ain't easy.  I studied this weekend for probably 25-30 hours and I still am not sure how I did.  I am thankful that I did study that much, but would I have done even better if I had studied more?  Probably, but I would have needed more hours and days in the week.  To put it into perspective, the test I had yesterday was over a 21 credit hour course.  Most of you (who have been in school recently) take 3-4 credit hour classes.  This class, HUBI (human biology) is 21 credit hours.  The amount of material we were tested over was overwhelming.  I don't think anyone fully 100% knew the information and well, that's why it's hard.   So, although I studied my little butt off for hours upon hours and I still turned in my test not feeling the best about it but what I do know is that I did the best that I possibly could and that is all that I can ask of myself.  This first quarter is the toughest and if I can make it through this, I'm golden.  I am still getting adjusted to everything too.  I'm still trying to figure out what best works for me.  That's the idea behind Q1...to find my balance.  Sure didn't think it would take this long to figure it out, but then again I have never been to medical school.

Besides school I try to have a little fun (although at a very minimum) and I am still keeping up with my training plan for running the half marathon.  I am starting to beg for donations to my race, so if you feel in the giving spirit (it is November anyways) then check out my page and donate to PCH and the kids to help find a cure for cancer.  Click here to donate to my page!!  Running is giving me that break I need from studying and school so I really am enjoying it!

Little Frank had surgery last week to remove bladder stones.  He is quite the trooper though and recovering quite nicely.  Go Frank!  Here is a picture of him all loopy and also one of me doing an experiment in the physio lab last week!

Till the next time...remember to give thanks!

Love, Erin

Saturday, October 12, 2013

2 Weeks Down...

I have completed 2 weeks of medical school...only about 206 left to go.  That doesn't seem like much does it?  So far, so good though and I LOVE every second of it.  Maybe I am crazy, but after being in it for 2 weeks I know for sure that this is what I'm supposed to do.  I don't mind coming home and studying.  I don't mind getting up early to study.  I don't mind having my bedtime reading be Anatomy and Biochem.  I don't mind saying no to social activities because I have to study.  I don't mind at all.  I love it.  It's what I want to do.

Monday is my first big test.  Our first quiz in HUBI.  We have 4 total and we can drop 1, but I really want to start off with a bang.  I always hate first tests though.  You never really know what to expect.  I have been studying and will be studying more throughout the weekend, but at least after Monday's quiz I will know how to prepare better for future exams.

I received medical equipment this week and it made what I am doing even that much more real.  I learn on Tuesday exactly how to use my stethescope, my blood pressure cuffs and my otoscope (my ear examiner.)  Who wants to be a test subject?  Come in contact with me and I will most likely slap the blood pressure cuff on your arm!  I need all the practice I can get.

I have met some really amazing people so far and I know some of these people will be my friends for life.  Our class has really come together and we are in total support of one another which makes it that much better.

Well, I need to clean my house so I can hit the books!  Hope you all are having a great October.  Remember it's breast cancer awareness month so get your mammograms and do your monthly self breast exams.  Early detection saves lives.

I will chat with you all soon!

Love, Erin

Sunday, September 29, 2013

In 4 short years...

...I will become a Naturopathic Doctor.  Tomorrow, Monday September 30th, 2013 marks the first day of the rest of my life.  I have never been more excited, confident, proud and passionate about anything like this in my life.  I am finally following my dreams.  My dreams will come true, in 4...short...years.

These past 2 weeks have been awesome, but I am SO ready for tomorrow at 10am.   I have had 2 weeks of "prep", pep talks, resource overload, advice, you name it that I just can't wait to get the party started!!  The Natural Advantage program that I was selected for (only 17 of us were accepted) was an amazing program.  I was part of history too because it was the first time they have done this program.  It helped me beyond words.  Not only did I learn a lot of inside information about the next 4 years, I was able to get the overwhelming factor out of the way.  It calmed my nerves so I was able to relax this past week at orientation and just sit there and get more and more excited for tomorrow.

I also was able to spend the whole week with one of my Quarter 1 teachers of HUBI ("hue bee").  HUBI (which I will refer to a lot, is Human Biology).   I gained valuable insight into the way he teaches, tests and other helpful hints.  I also developed friendships with others in my class.  Us NA peeps are pretty close!  The whole 5 days was fantastic and I am so thankful I was accepted to be part of it.

The first quarter (you talk quarters in med school, so I am Q1) SCNM makes your schedule for you.  I wasn't able to pick my times for my classes, they were assigned to me.  Q2 I can register on my own and fight for the times I want!  Ha!  So, speaking of my schedule, I have HUBI Monday thru Thursday for 4 hours a day.  I sit in the same room for 4 hours and each hour the professor changes.  Take that for a lecture.  I also have HUBI application on Friday afternoon.  HUBI also has 2 labs (mine are Wed and Fri mornings).  I get to meet my cadaver on Friday I believe.  The other class I have is CLPR ("clipper") which is Clinical Practical.  There is a lab for that as well.  The final class I have is NTMD which is the philosophy and history of Naturopathic medicine.  All of the above equates to 28 credits.  Did you know that a normal person (not medical school student) has about 15 credit hours a semester which equates to about 120 or more TOTAL credit hours after 4 years??  Well, I will be taking 120 credit hours my first year.  Holy bananas.  What am I getting myself into?!  My dreams, that's what and I couldn't be more ready or excited.  I really like my schedule too.  For some reason I had it in my head that I would be at SCNM M-F from 8-5pm.  I actually have quite a few breaks and that is a relief.

This coming week will probably be very overwhelming as they refer to med school as trying to drink water from a firehose.  I will be getting A LOT of information in a short amount of time.  Q1 is all about finding a balance.  We have been given so many resources and everyone at SCNM is like a new family and each and every person there is willing to help you out.  I just need to seek help right away and not get behind.  This journey is going to be difficult, stressful and a lot of work, but if it were easy everyone would be doing it.  It's not in my character to give up so I am ready to embark on making my dreams a reality!

Here are a couple pictures:

I got embroidered scrubs for my participation in the program!  Sweet!
 My Natural Advantage Classmates

The Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine Class of 2017!!!

I will update again soon!!  Here goes nothing!!  Bring it!

Love, Erin

Monday, September 16, 2013

Clean As A Whistle...

Hello all!  I am back from my trip, 18 days and 6,234 miles later.  We had a great trip, but like any trip, it was honestly good to be back home with my pups and my own bed!  The day after I got back I had my consultation with Dr. Campbell for my colonoscopy that was scheduled today.  I was half hoping he would tell me he didn't think I needed one, but nope, I was wrong.  Given my history it would be best to.  He, like me and everyone else was banking on a mis-read.

Sunday (yesterday) was such a fun day.  I couldn't eat a thing from the moment I woke up and I have to admit that was probably the hardest thing for me to do.  I LOVE to eat.  It was rough, but I  managed to do it because I wanted my colon as clean and possible and trust me, it was.

This morning Mom came to get me bright and early and off we were to Southwest Endoscopy and Surgery center.  Of course the first thing I said to myself when I walked in was, "I'm the youngest one here in this almost full waiting room...again."  I should be getting used to that, but I'm not because I shouldn't be doing these things at my age.  Oh well...I got myself checked in and shortly afterwards I was called back to the prep room.  A million questions were answered, forms signed and I changed into my lovely gown.  Leads were put on, blood pressure taken, pulse and an IV was inserted into my hand.  Have to admit it was the first time I had an IV on my hand.   I was then wheeled back into the freezing room and the party was about to start!  I flipped to my left side, the drugs were pushed through my IV and la la land I was in!  I was awake for the whole thing and I am pretty sure I was talking a mile a minute wondering why I hadn't fallen asleep and why they hadn't started yet and before I knew it she said, "we're done!"  What? I didn't even know anything was going on.  I guess that was the point.  Ha!  I was wheeled into a recovery room and Mom came in pretty quickly.  She said I looked pale and googly eyed, but hello, I was doped up on whatever happy medicine they gave me.  I came too rather quickly and in walks in Dr. Campbell who tells me, "you're fine, there was nothing.  Totally normal!"  (I have no idea if those were his exact words, but you get the gist.)  I am fine.  My colon is squeaky clean. Music to my ears!  I crossed another hurdle, prayers were answered and life will continue.  THANK YOU to everyone for their support.  Like always, it was completely overwhelming but so very much appreciated.  I hate bumps like this, but then again life is difficult.

Tomorrow I embark on the beginning of fulfilling my dreams.  I start the Natural Advantage prep program at SCNM.  Next week is orientation and then 2 weeks from today is the first day of class.  I am so excited that the time is finally here.

My backpack is ready to go tomorrow and I know I will sleep like a baby tonight because right now, life is good.  I have a lot to be thankful for.

Love you all--


Sunday, September 1, 2013

1/2 Marathon!

Yup, you read that right.  I am going to check something off my bucket list...running a 1/2 marathon.  I don't really know what I am getting myself into, but I have a few months to train for it and it will force me to get out there and run.  It will force me to clear my head of medical school stuff by going for a run.  Now, can the temps cool down in Phoenix please?

I am running for Phoenix Children's Hospital's "Miracles in Motion."  Here is the link to donate to my run.  It's for a great cause, so any little bit will help.  I will update more along the way.   I should probably go put my running shoes on...

My Donation Page

Till the next time...


Sunday, August 25, 2013

My Regulars...

My final days at Loco have come and gone.  It was a bittersweet ending.  I will miss all my regulars at Loco so very much and I want to thank all of those that came in during my last week (some of you a few times) and those that came in on my final day as well.  You made my job at Loco worth coming in for everyday and I appreciate all the money you have put in my pocket!  Best regulars ever!!  Thank you!  I will miss you all so very much...

Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Bump In The Road?

Hello all!  Lots to update you on!  First, tomorrow is my LAST day at Loco.  I seriously don't think it has set in yet and I doubt it will for quite some time.  I have been there almost 9 years.  Tomorrow will be the last day I clock in and out.  It definitely has been a roller coaster of a week...in more ways than one.

It was also scan week.  I am always nervous before a scan.  A million things run through my head.  It had been a year since my last one (the longest I have gone without getting scanned) so who knows what is going on inside my body.  What I do know is that I feel great.  I really had no reason to be concerned, but until you have walked in my shoes and know how I feel...it still is worrisome.  It stinks. It brings back all the memories of 3 years ago.  It's like re-living a nightmare all over again.  It becomes real again.  It sucks.  I did have a breakdown Monday night and although some may not understand why I shed some tears, I honestly don't really care what they thought.  They haven't gone through what I have.  They don't know how it feels to be in my shoes.  It felt good and I released emotions.

Scan day has come and gone (Tuesday) and this morning was my Doc appointment.  As I pulled into Ironwood I felt good.  I had a smile on my face and kept thinking, "this is the last bit of good news I need to hear so I can start my new beginnings."  I was banking on hearing, "see you next year!  You are doing great!"  Although what I heard isn't exactly what I wanted to hear, I know my Doctor's are taking all necessary steps to keep me around and I couldn't agree more.  So, what did they tell me?  Scott told me that my scan, as far as lymph node activity, came back normal.  There were no signs of any enlarged lymph nodes so that is great news.  However, my colon appeared "thickened".  What the heck is a thickened colon?  Usually it is signs of colitis (inflammation of the colon) but I have no signs of colitis.  Why is my colon thickened?  If it was related to Lymphoma there would most likely be a mass instead of a whole part of it thickened.  My Doctor's really believe it is nothing, but are ordering me to have a colonoscopy to error on the side of caution.  If the type of NHL I had were to come back in my body, it typically re-appears as some type of other cancer.  Now, don't freak out!  I don't know anything yet.  Like I said, I have no symptoms of my colon being "sick" so I have no idea why it would even show up abnormal.  Hopefully my colonoscopy should be scheduled tomorrow.  Just what I needed...more to add to my plate!  My follow-up appointment is on Day 3 of med school too.  I pray my professors are understanding!  So, although it wasn't the news I was praying I would hear, it isn't terrible either.  I definitely have mixed emotions.  The only thing I know how to do is to remain positive, so that's what I will do in the meantime.

So that is the update for now.  Thank you to everyone who has made my last few days and weeks at Loco the best.  I truly will miss everyone there...and the food!  I will be back.  I will do a special post here this weekend with some pictures of my regulars...and to those I missed a photo op with, I apologize.

Take care everyone...

Love, Erin

Monday, July 29, 2013

What's In Season?

I have seen this a lot lately so I thought I'd put it up here for you all and for me to refer back too!  I also pinned it on Pinterest.  Funny thing is, is this true for ALL states?  I wonder if it's different here in AZ because of the heat.  I do know that since I have been eating clean it is hard to find really good produce here during the summer because it is so dang hot.  There aren't very many Farmer's Markets to attend and a lot of my favorite veggies you simply can't find.  Usually during the summer to ensure I get good veggies I buy frozen.  Did you know that you should buy in this order?  Fresh, frozen, canned?  So, even though it's frozen and uses some of it's nutrients, it's still a better option than canned.  Occasionally I will buy an organic basket from Bountiful Baskets.  The last basket I got didn't disappoint, but I wished there were more veggies than fruit even though it's supposed to be a 50/50 ratio.  Oh well, I guess it's the price I pay for living in the desert.  I secretly am jealous of all of you that live in produce-friendly-in-the-summer-states!   Here is the chart!

Thank you HellaWella for this!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Be Fearless Again...

A friend of mine shared this with me on Facebook and I just had to post it here.  I can legitimately say this is the truth and exactly what happened because I have been there and made it to the other side.  The author of this is unknown, but I give credit to Beautiful and Bald Barbie on Facebook for posting it.  Thanks again Karin for sharing this with me!  I hope you all enjoy the read because it's so true!!

"Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Was Diagnosed With Cancer…

Your relationships are about to change. All of them. Some will get stronger. They will probably not be with the people you would expect. The people you want to handle this well might not be able to for a variety of reasons. Some of the reasons will be selfish. Some of them will be entirely innocent and circumstantial. All of them will be forgivable because no one plans for cancer. Carrying bitterness or anger won't help your recovery. Fighting for anyone to stick with you won't cure you. Those who can, will.

You will be determined to have more energy than you do. You will convince yourself that you are thinking straight, are able to handle all of this and do not need anyone. You will run out of fuel. Your body will change first and your mind will follow. You won't lose your mind, memories or sensibility. It will all come back. But, you will be different. You will never have the same sense of self. You should embrace this. Your old self was probably really great. Your transformed self will be even better. Give in to what is happening and trust it.

You are going to feel fear. Even if you are normally stubborn, confident and seemingly invincible you will finally find yourself admitting that you are scared of something. Cancer is scary and incredibly confusing. The unknowing will eat at you worse than the disease itself. You'll need distractions. Music and sleep will probably be the ones you resort to most. Reading will become difficult. So will watching TV or movies, having conversations, writing and basically everything else. They call it "chemo brain" for a reason. You will feel normal eventually. Just a new kind of normal. When you feel afraid let yourself lean on those around you. Cry. Be vulnerable. You are vulnerable. There will be time for strength, but never admitting weakness will cause anxiety to mount and your condition to worsen. Let it all out. Yell if you need to. Sing when you feel up to it. Sob uncontrollably. Apologize for your mood swings. Treatments and prescriptions will often be the cause of them. The people that love you will understand.

The people that love you will be just as scared as you are. Probably more. They will be worrying even when they are smiling. They will assume you are in more pain than you are. They will be thinking about you dying and preparing for life without you. They will go through a process that you will never understand just like they will never understand the process you are going through. Let them process. Forgive them when they don't understand. Exercise patience when you can. Know that those that were built for this will be there when you get to the other side and you will all be able to laugh together again. You'll cry together too. Then you'll get to a place where you will just live in the world again together and that is when you know that you have beaten this.

The sooner you recognize that you are mortal, the sooner you can create the mentality for survival. There is a chance you might not make it. Just like there is a chance that you will. Don't look at statistics. You are unique and what is happening inside you is unique. Your fight is yours alone and there are too many factors to compare yourself to others that have had your condition. No one will want you to think about death, but you won't have a choice. You will think about it from the moment you are given your diagnosis. Come to terms with it. Calmly accept it. Then, shift every thought you have into believing that you won't die. You are going to beat this. Your mental focus on that fact will be more powerful than any treatment you receive.

Your doctors and nurses will become your source of comfort. You will feel safe with them. If you do not feel safe with them you need to change your care provider immediately. There is no time to waste. This shouldn't be a game played on anyone's terms but yours. When you find the right caretakers you will know immediately. Do not let insurance, money or red tape prevent you from getting the treatment you deserve. This is your only shot. There is always a way. Find those hands that you trust your life in and willingly give it to them. They will quickly bring you a sense of calm. They will spend time answering your questions. There will be no stupid questions to them. They won't do anything besides make you feel like you are the most important life that exists. They will never make you feel like they don't have things in control. They will be honest and accessible at all times. They might even become your friends. They deserve your gratitude, respect and appreciation daily. If you get upset at them during treatment know that they'll forgive you. They get that you're going through something they can't imagine - but they understand better than anyone. They see it every day and they choose to be there because they want to make the worst experience of your life more tolerable.

You will need to find balance after treatment. Start by seeking balance during treatment. Eat well. Sleep well. Listen to your body. Experiment with new forms of exercise that aren't so demanding. Do not be too proud to speak to someone. You cannot afford to store up the intensity of the emotion that comes with fighting a life-threatening illness. Let it out for yourself. You will begin to hear your voice changing. That voice is who you are becoming in the face of mortality. Listen to that voice. It will be the purest, most authentic version of you that you have ever known. Bring that person into the world -- strengths and vulnerabilities and everything between. Be that person forever.

You will inspire others. It will feel weird. People you haven't spoken to since grade school will be in touch. Ex-boyfriends, former colleagues... even people you felt never wanted to talk to you again. The influx of interest in your seemingly fading life will be greater than any living moment you have ever experienced. That support is what will shift a fading life into a surviving one. Be grateful for every message. Be appreciative of each gift and each visit. There will be moments where all of this attention will make you feel lonelier than you have ever felt in your life. In a hospital room full of people with messages stuffing your inbox, voicemail and mailbox you will find yourself feeling completely alone. This is when you will realize that you could afford to have a stronger relationship with yourself. That only you walk this earth with 100% investment in you. Make the investment and use this as an opportunity to reexamine your self-worth. Love yourself more than ever and recognize how much love there is for you in the world. Then start sharing that love. You will come to see that even when you are the neediest person you know you can still be giving. Giving will make you feel better than taking.

When you get to the other side you won't believe it. They will tell you the disease is gone. Everyone you know will rejoice and return to their lives. You'll constantly wonder if it is coming back. Slowly this feeling will fade, but cancer will always be a part of you. It will define how you see the world moving forward. You're going to feel like the future is a funny thing to think about because the present is going to suddenly seem incredibly important. Keep moving. You'll be more productive. You'll understand who truly loves you because they will still be there. You'll want to meet new people that connect to the newly evolved version of your old self. You'll want to let go of those that don't "get" who you are now. You'll feel a little guilty doing it. Then, you'll move on. You don't have time to waste. The greatest gift you've been given is that you now understand that and you're going to make the most of every second. You're going to be the most passionate person you know going forward. Translate that passion to a greater purpose. Be fearless again."

Saturday, July 20, 2013

New Beginnings...

Hello all--it's been awhile since I have posted and I apologize.  I keep telling myself I will get better at posting in here and I just need to make it a weekly thing.  I think the more I do it, the more it will fit into my routine, just like emailing daily, checking Facebook and other social media sites!  Plus, Vinny, a regular at Loco, made me these nifty cards to give to my regulars at Loco to keep in touch with me after I leave.  I love them!  So, I figured I better start posting more because I think I'll have some new followers...

Since my last post (turning 35) I have still been busy as a bee.  My Mom put the grand idea in my head to re-arrange my entire house.  Well, everything but my bedroom (which is still a possibility) and Corey's room.  We spent 2 weekends doing the new changes.  I absolutely LOVE my NEW look.  My living room is so much bigger and roomier.  I have a real big dining room table and I downsized an entire room (my office) into just a small hutch.  I also welcomed a NEW roommate!  My bestie friend Molly moved in 2 weekends ago, which is reason why I had to get rid of my office and make it live-able!  All of these new changes were really cleansing too because I was able to get rid of a lot of junk. I am actually still going through things and finding stuff I can donate.  It's been fun!

I also am back on the market, as far as my relationships with men are concerned.  I'm still having a hard time with it, but I know with time I will be OK.  Tim and I will remain friends so that's good.  I mean we did start off as friends for 3 years before we started dating.  We both live very busy lives and it makes it difficult to have a healthy relationship!  I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.  I may not know why Tim and I are no longer together now, but I do know down the road it will all make sense.  For now, it stings, but I am strong and can get through this!!!

I also starting seeing my cousin Mistie for some sessions at Infinite TX.  I went there to learn how to use my new foam roller I got for my birthday and left there discovering new things about myself that I am now currently working on.  Long story short, I am still dealing with some trauma in my life that I have yet to release (pretty sure it's due to having cancer).  So, what I am doing with her are Somatic Experience sessions.  The whole thing is super intriguing and I know once I am "healed" I will be like new...at least I know my nervous system will be!  Ha!

The best news is I hit the 3 years in remission mark on July 15th!  WOO HOO!  I honestly can't believe it's been 3 whole years.  Time sure does fly!  I will get scanned here in August and hopefully be A-OK for another year.  I will keep you updated on my appointments!  But in the meantime, celebrate life, because it really is precious!

So, those are a few of my NEW beginnings.  I have a huge NEW beginning coming up here in 65 days  (med school) and my last day at Loco is in 34 days as well!  Yikes!  My life is about to change...but it's all for the best and I can't wait to start more new beginnings...

Till the next post (which will be soon!)


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Turning 35 Is Exhausting!

Happy Birthday to me!  I turned 35 on Monday and man, it has been exhausting!  HA!  I planned a Luau party last weekend, had my actual birthday celebration and the hosted Bunco all in one week.  All of this has caused me to be couchbound on a Saturday night.  It feels delightful and I am definitely not complaining.

I have 100 days until I start medical school.  100 days.  I still can't believe it.  I am so freakin' excited and I think the excitement levels will just increase as the day countdown gets lower and lower.  There is a lot I would like to get done before that time, but now that my birthday is over with, life is a little more calm.

I started James Wilson's 12-Week BodyEarned program again.  It's the 3rd time I have attempted it and although I have already taken 1 week off, I successfully completed 4 weeks of the program and I'm ready to get back on track and start week 5 on Monday.  It's a great program.  The best part is it's all online.  You pay him for the workouts and then you join a group on Facebook and all your questions are answered as well as getting amazing support from others doing the program.  Every day at the gym is different and you are done with the workouts in less than an hour.  For more information go to:

James Wilson's Body Earned Program

That is a little update in my crazy world.  Now that life has settled down now I can give my blog a little more attention!

What would you like to hear about?

Till the next time--


Monday, April 29, 2013

Meal Prepping

I am a big fan of meal prepping.  It all started when I went back to school and figured if I cooked my meals in "bulk" and at one time, I would have healthy choices to last me throughout the week.  During the week I didn't have much time to spend an hour cooking a healthy meal so if it was already made for me, it made it much more convenient.  It is really easy to stay on track with clean eating if you prepare your food on Sunday's (for me!)  You can really chose any day you want, just make sure you stay on track with clean eating.

Yesterday's meal prep consisted of spaghetti squash casserole, grilled chicken, Little B's Egg White/Veggie muffins and a baked large sweet potato.

For the Spaghetti Squash Casserole I found the recipe on Pinterest (I'm obsessed!):


1 spaghetti squash cooked and shredded (I cooked it for 30 minutes at 400 degrees)
1.5 cups of pasta sauce (I used a clean, organic spicy tomato sauce I bought at Sprouts)
1/2 cup of cottage cheese (I used low fat)
2 cups frozen broccoli (I used the big organic bag from Costco)
Breadcrumbs (I used Panko, but I probably would omit this when I cook it again)
It called for 2 tsp dried oregano, but I left that out and added red pepper flakes in my bowl
I also added grilled chicken to my bowl, but you can still have it meat-less


My grilled chicken was simply chicken thighs from Sprouts grilled on the BBQ with different types of Mrs. Dash's seasonings.  

The sweet potato I got at the Old Town Farmer's Market this past weekend and my Mom is so proud of me that I like sweet potatoes now.  Now you ask?  Yes, I apparently didn't like them before, but now I do.  Weird, yes.  I'm aware.  I cooked it for about 45 minutes at 350.  

The egg white/veggie muffin's came from Little B's Healthy Habits and you can find the recipe here.  You can use broccoli or asparagus.  For my first go around I used broccoli.  Delish.  

So that included my meal prep.  I always have other things on hand, like yogurt and cottage cheese.  I am also a big fan of hummus for a delicious snack.  Of course I have a variety of veggies, but I'll do a post on veggies another time!

Do any of you meal prep?

Have you ever not liked something, but then re-visted it again and now LOVE it?

Till the next time and happy cooking!


Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Hello all!  Just wanted to update you all on my life.  Like previous posts, it's still busy.  Busy.  Busy. Busy.  I can't believe it's May next month.  I feel like I was just ringing in 2013 and here it is, half over. I guess that's what happens when you are in school, working full time and trying to have a social life and doing all those other life necessities in-between!  Good news is, I finish up my last and final semester of pre-requisites in 2 WEEKS!  I only have 6 more classes to attend and then take 2 finals.  My undergraduate career will finally be over.  My dream of becoming a Doctor will soon start to become a reality...in 5 more months!

I got the email telling us we start orientation on September 24th, 2013.  So exciting.  A couple of my classmates have started a Facebook page for "SCNM's Class of 2017".  Holy cow people, it's getting real.  I can't believe it's happening, but I have never felt more right about something in my life.

I have 4 long months off before I start on a vigorous 4 years of my life so I am going to do everything I can to ENJOY them.  Stop and smell the freedom!  Catch up on things I haven't been able to do the past year while I've been back in school.

Health-wise I have no complaints. I am still trying to eat as healthy as I can and trying to fit in workouts when I have time.  That has been the hardest thing to me because honestly sleep is more important to me.

I have had an obsession lately with juicing and I'll leave that to another post.

My goals for this summer vacation are to get an official website up and running and I just bought my domain name tonight.  Look out, my blog is going to be famous!  (Or at least I can wish.)  I am hoping to spread the word more now by having an actual web page and I'm still trying to figure out how I can get more people to "like' my Facebook page, so please share away and like it up.  I love it and I want to spread more helpful things.  I'm open to suggestions, criticism, whatever...just let me know!

That's about it from here.  Life is slowing down here shortly for the meantime so I can focus on the things I have missed the most, one being my blog I mean website.

Till the next time--


Friday, March 15, 2013

See ya in 6 months...

Whoops!  I totally forgot to update everyone on my latest doctor's appointment!  Bad Erin.  I guess no news is good news right and well, that's exactly right!  For the first time on this journey post-cancer (and pre, for that matter!) my Mom and Dad did not accompany me to this appointment.  Even Mom was thinking, "are you sure this won't jinx it?!"  Of course not!  I knew my appointment would last minutes, Dr. Nabong would tell me I looked great and that he would see me in 6 months.  Boy was I right!  My appointment last 10 minutes.  My blood-work was of no concern to him and he told me would like to scan me in 6 months, therefore bringing my scans to a yearly occurrence now.  Music to my ears.

I didn't want to waste Mom and Dad's time, nor money on gas to accompany me on this visit to hear pretty much what I already knew!  The nurse that always checks me in (and I always forget her name) even commented and said, "I have never seen you solo!) and of course Dr. Nabong (and Scott!) asked about them.  Mom and Dad, you definitely were missed!  Don't worry though, you aren't off the hook for August!  Scan results are a little more nerve-wracking, to say the least.

Everything else in Erin land is fantastic.  School is going great.  I am doing far better this semester than last semester so it makes it much less stressful.  Spring Break is nearly over and I'm ready to finish out these last few weeks and then enjoy a summer of doing NOTHING.  My days of doing NOTHING will be over starting late September so I better enjoy them while I can.  I should start planning my vacations now...

So that is the update from me!  I hope you all are enjoying the beginnings of Spring, although 90 degree here in AZ doesn't feel like Spring to me!

I will chat with you all soon!  Take care!

Love, Erin

Monday, February 4, 2013

3 years ago...

For some, you will never forget the day that Lincoln was assassinated.  For some, you will never forget the day the Challenger shuttle exploded.  For most, you will never forget where you were when you found out about the events of 9/11.  I remember 2 out of the 3 above-mentioned things (you can pick which one I was not present for!) and like these events, I will never forget the day I was told I had cancer.  It was 3 years ago today to be exact.  The phone call came in at 5:12pm.  I was at work.  It was a Thursday.  I left our manager's meeting.  Never in a million years would I think I would hear those words at this time in my life.  But, I did and I dealt with it.  I beat it like a champ.  I never doubted myself.  Cancer isn't fair, but you have to make of it what you will.  3 years ago I had no idea why it chose me.  Why at such a young age did I have to go through this?  Now I know why.  To make a difference.  To change my life.  To be healthier.  To be happier.  To do what I want to do.  To pursue my dreams.  Although it was a not-so-fun-six-months-of-my-life, if I never had gone through what I did, I probably wouldn't be where I am today (emotionally, academically and obviously health-wise as well as literally!).  I look at it now as a wake-up call.  I have a second chance at life and I will not let it slip away.  Looking back 3 years ago compared to where I am today it is like night and day.  Don't get me wrong, my life was great 3 years ago too, but now it's even better.  I live it differently.  I am super excited for the future because I am finally doing what I want to do.  Going to med-school will be challenging, stressful and demanding, but you know what?  I beat cancer, I can do anything.  That's how I live my life now.  Nothing I do from here on out will defeat me.  I am in control of my own destiny.  So my message to all of you is to follow your dreams.  Do what you want to do.  Do not let anything stop you from pursuing your dreams and never doubt yourself.  We all know (and especially too much lately) that life is too short (I have said this a million times).  You never know when you may be faced with death, so live it up!  Trust me, you won't regret it.

Coincidently it is also World Cancer Day.  Who do you stand up for?  I stand up for myself, my Mom and little Jack Morton.  We are all Survivors and defeated that ugly beast.  It can be done, never doubt.

This day has been full of smiles.  I still can't believe it's been 3 years.  It really feels like yesterday when I sit down and think about it.  Having had cancer is becoming more of a memory than a constant remembrance, which I guess is good, but I still will never forget...

Thank you to all the out-pouring comments, likes and messages on Facebook!  I love you all!

Here's to many, many, many (x's infinity) more years of cancer-free living!!


Love, Erin

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Back to School!

Hello all!  I just finished Week 1 of the Spring Semester.  After I finish up these 2 classes I am off to medical school.  Yippee!  First up this semester is BioChemistry.  It doesn't sound good, but compared to Organic Chemistry last year it is a breath of fresh air.  We are studying amino acids, lipids, proteins and carbohydrates.  So far, so good and interesting!  My teacher is super cool, laid back and he smiles.  I like him.  I have that class M-W-F from 8am-8:50am with my lab being on Wednesday's after class.  My other class is MicroBiology.  Another interesting class with pertinent information for my future!  We are studying bacteria, antibodies and diseases.  I like it.  My teacher, well, he's from UofA so I will let you be the judge...

I am still adjusting to getting up early.  I have class at 8am and that used to be my normal wake-up time for work (I know, rough life I have had).  Now I am getting up at 6:30am, or sometimes 5:15am if I want to hit the gym (a 5:45am spin class) before school.  It sounds awful, but I actually enjoy exercising that early.  Mainly for a few reasons:  1-the gym isn't crowded, 2-I get my workout done for the day 3-it wakes me up and I feel great throughout the day.  If you haven't tried working out in the AM, I suggest giving it a whirl.  After this week, I should be adjusted to the early morning hours.  At least I hope.

Today was inspiration as I waited at the finish line for my boyfriend Tim to finish up his 1st half-marathon along with his buddy Rick.  So proud!  It was inspirational to watch all those that completed it.  From really young, to older, handicapped and blind.  I have a year to prepare for next year.  I may be adding a 1/2 to my bucket list.

I have sent out my New Year's cards finally and in my included note I put that I was going to update my blog more often.  So far, I am holding myself to it!  Here are a couple pictures and some links to articles I have posted on my Facebook page.

My Christmas Card!  You can find these awesome shirts made by the Jack Morton Foundation, here.

Did you know about Apple Cider Vinegar?  I have some in my fridge.  1 Tablespoon a day!

Here's a discussion about Coconut Oil and how you should use it in place of vegetable or canola oil!  It's interesting!

That's all for this installment friends!  Hope your January is going great!

Till the next time--


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  I am hoping that each and every one of you had a great holiday season.  I know I did, but really, where did it go?  Geez, it came and went soooo fast!  It was great to spend time with my family though, but now it's back to reality and preparation for the next chapter in my life.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my break from classes, but honestly, I am ready for next Tuesday to arrive so I can get back to school!  Is there something wrong with me?  Ha!  I don't think I have ever been ready to go back to school.  I am also counting down the days till I start med school.  October are you here yet??

I survived last semester, especially Organic Chemistry.  So.Happy.That.Is.Over.  You have no idea.  I feel like the worst is over now and I can handle anything.  I got a solid C in the class and I am A-OK with that.  It was rough.  Now it's over and I can look forward to BioChemistry and Microbiology starting next week.

Health-wise I am doing great!  I have my checkup in February, but with no scan.  Just blood-work.  I think I am OK with this?  I will see what he says when I go in.  Not sure when I will get scanned again?  In 6 months?

I really believe that 2013 will be a great year.  I have a new man in my life.  I am pursuing my dream.  I am healthy.  I am happy.

I am going to do my best to update this more often.  I know I keep saying that, but I really am going to try.  It really doesn't take that long to make a post so I can do it!

Here's to a great 2013!

Love, Erin