Friday, March 15, 2013

See ya in 6 months...

Whoops!  I totally forgot to update everyone on my latest doctor's appointment!  Bad Erin.  I guess no news is good news right and well, that's exactly right!  For the first time on this journey post-cancer (and pre, for that matter!) my Mom and Dad did not accompany me to this appointment.  Even Mom was thinking, "are you sure this won't jinx it?!"  Of course not!  I knew my appointment would last minutes, Dr. Nabong would tell me I looked great and that he would see me in 6 months.  Boy was I right!  My appointment last 10 minutes.  My blood-work was of no concern to him and he told me would like to scan me in 6 months, therefore bringing my scans to a yearly occurrence now.  Music to my ears.

I didn't want to waste Mom and Dad's time, nor money on gas to accompany me on this visit to hear pretty much what I already knew!  The nurse that always checks me in (and I always forget her name) even commented and said, "I have never seen you solo!) and of course Dr. Nabong (and Scott!) asked about them.  Mom and Dad, you definitely were missed!  Don't worry though, you aren't off the hook for August!  Scan results are a little more nerve-wracking, to say the least.

Everything else in Erin land is fantastic.  School is going great.  I am doing far better this semester than last semester so it makes it much less stressful.  Spring Break is nearly over and I'm ready to finish out these last few weeks and then enjoy a summer of doing NOTHING.  My days of doing NOTHING will be over starting late September so I better enjoy them while I can.  I should start planning my vacations now...

So that is the update from me!  I hope you all are enjoying the beginnings of Spring, although 90 degree here in AZ doesn't feel like Spring to me!

I will chat with you all soon!  Take care!

Love, Erin

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