Saturday, July 20, 2013

New Beginnings...

Hello all--it's been awhile since I have posted and I apologize.  I keep telling myself I will get better at posting in here and I just need to make it a weekly thing.  I think the more I do it, the more it will fit into my routine, just like emailing daily, checking Facebook and other social media sites!  Plus, Vinny, a regular at Loco, made me these nifty cards to give to my regulars at Loco to keep in touch with me after I leave.  I love them!  So, I figured I better start posting more because I think I'll have some new followers...

Since my last post (turning 35) I have still been busy as a bee.  My Mom put the grand idea in my head to re-arrange my entire house.  Well, everything but my bedroom (which is still a possibility) and Corey's room.  We spent 2 weekends doing the new changes.  I absolutely LOVE my NEW look.  My living room is so much bigger and roomier.  I have a real big dining room table and I downsized an entire room (my office) into just a small hutch.  I also welcomed a NEW roommate!  My bestie friend Molly moved in 2 weekends ago, which is reason why I had to get rid of my office and make it live-able!  All of these new changes were really cleansing too because I was able to get rid of a lot of junk. I am actually still going through things and finding stuff I can donate.  It's been fun!

I also am back on the market, as far as my relationships with men are concerned.  I'm still having a hard time with it, but I know with time I will be OK.  Tim and I will remain friends so that's good.  I mean we did start off as friends for 3 years before we started dating.  We both live very busy lives and it makes it difficult to have a healthy relationship!  I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.  I may not know why Tim and I are no longer together now, but I do know down the road it will all make sense.  For now, it stings, but I am strong and can get through this!!!

I also starting seeing my cousin Mistie for some sessions at Infinite TX.  I went there to learn how to use my new foam roller I got for my birthday and left there discovering new things about myself that I am now currently working on.  Long story short, I am still dealing with some trauma in my life that I have yet to release (pretty sure it's due to having cancer).  So, what I am doing with her are Somatic Experience sessions.  The whole thing is super intriguing and I know once I am "healed" I will be like least I know my nervous system will be!  Ha!

The best news is I hit the 3 years in remission mark on July 15th!  WOO HOO!  I honestly can't believe it's been 3 whole years.  Time sure does fly!  I will get scanned here in August and hopefully be A-OK for another year.  I will keep you updated on my appointments!  But in the meantime, celebrate life, because it really is precious!

So, those are a few of my NEW beginnings.  I have a huge NEW beginning coming up here in 65 days  (med school) and my last day at Loco is in 34 days as well!  Yikes!  My life is about to change...but it's all for the best and I can't wait to start more new beginnings...

Till the next post (which will be soon!)


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  1. I have a love/hate relationship with my foam roller. Hate the pain but love what it can do as someone that sits too much.