Monday, September 16, 2013

Clean As A Whistle...

Hello all!  I am back from my trip, 18 days and 6,234 miles later.  We had a great trip, but like any trip, it was honestly good to be back home with my pups and my own bed!  The day after I got back I had my consultation with Dr. Campbell for my colonoscopy that was scheduled today.  I was half hoping he would tell me he didn't think I needed one, but nope, I was wrong.  Given my history it would be best to.  He, like me and everyone else was banking on a mis-read.

Sunday (yesterday) was such a fun day.  I couldn't eat a thing from the moment I woke up and I have to admit that was probably the hardest thing for me to do.  I LOVE to eat.  It was rough, but I  managed to do it because I wanted my colon as clean and possible and trust me, it was.

This morning Mom came to get me bright and early and off we were to Southwest Endoscopy and Surgery center.  Of course the first thing I said to myself when I walked in was, "I'm the youngest one here in this almost full waiting room...again."  I should be getting used to that, but I'm not because I shouldn't be doing these things at my age.  Oh well...I got myself checked in and shortly afterwards I was called back to the prep room.  A million questions were answered, forms signed and I changed into my lovely gown.  Leads were put on, blood pressure taken, pulse and an IV was inserted into my hand.  Have to admit it was the first time I had an IV on my hand.   I was then wheeled back into the freezing room and the party was about to start!  I flipped to my left side, the drugs were pushed through my IV and la la land I was in!  I was awake for the whole thing and I am pretty sure I was talking a mile a minute wondering why I hadn't fallen asleep and why they hadn't started yet and before I knew it she said, "we're done!"  What? I didn't even know anything was going on.  I guess that was the point.  Ha!  I was wheeled into a recovery room and Mom came in pretty quickly.  She said I looked pale and googly eyed, but hello, I was doped up on whatever happy medicine they gave me.  I came too rather quickly and in walks in Dr. Campbell who tells me, "you're fine, there was nothing.  Totally normal!"  (I have no idea if those were his exact words, but you get the gist.)  I am fine.  My colon is squeaky clean. Music to my ears!  I crossed another hurdle, prayers were answered and life will continue.  THANK YOU to everyone for their support.  Like always, it was completely overwhelming but so very much appreciated.  I hate bumps like this, but then again life is difficult.

Tomorrow I embark on the beginning of fulfilling my dreams.  I start the Natural Advantage prep program at SCNM.  Next week is orientation and then 2 weeks from today is the first day of class.  I am so excited that the time is finally here.

My backpack is ready to go tomorrow and I know I will sleep like a baby tonight because right now, life is good.  I have a lot to be thankful for.

Love you all--


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