Saturday, October 12, 2013

2 Weeks Down...

I have completed 2 weeks of medical school...only about 206 left to go.  That doesn't seem like much does it?  So far, so good though and I LOVE every second of it.  Maybe I am crazy, but after being in it for 2 weeks I know for sure that this is what I'm supposed to do.  I don't mind coming home and studying.  I don't mind getting up early to study.  I don't mind having my bedtime reading be Anatomy and Biochem.  I don't mind saying no to social activities because I have to study.  I don't mind at all.  I love it.  It's what I want to do.

Monday is my first big test.  Our first quiz in HUBI.  We have 4 total and we can drop 1, but I really want to start off with a bang.  I always hate first tests though.  You never really know what to expect.  I have been studying and will be studying more throughout the weekend, but at least after Monday's quiz I will know how to prepare better for future exams.

I received medical equipment this week and it made what I am doing even that much more real.  I learn on Tuesday exactly how to use my stethescope, my blood pressure cuffs and my otoscope (my ear examiner.)  Who wants to be a test subject?  Come in contact with me and I will most likely slap the blood pressure cuff on your arm!  I need all the practice I can get.

I have met some really amazing people so far and I know some of these people will be my friends for life.  Our class has really come together and we are in total support of one another which makes it that much better.

Well, I need to clean my house so I can hit the books!  Hope you all are having a great October.  Remember it's breast cancer awareness month so get your mammograms and do your monthly self breast exams.  Early detection saves lives.

I will chat with you all soon!

Love, Erin

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