Saturday, August 1, 2015

Too Long...

Well this is embarrassing!  My blog has been put on the back burner!!  I apologize for all my followers, I have really dropped the ball.  I keep telling myself I will get better with writing and well, it just doesn't happen.  I have no excuses and no explanation.  The only thing I can say is I will continue to try harder to post in here more!

Wow, where do I begin?  I haven't posted in here since January.  SO much has happened.  Right now I am 4 days away from taking my first sent of National Board exams.  It's a standardized test that is comprised of 100 questions in the morning session and then another 100 questions in the afternoon session.  It covers EVERYTHING I have learned over the past 2 years in medical school.  The thought of that alone scares the crap out of me, but I have put in SO many hours of studying over the last 4 weeks that I keep telling myself I know enough to pass.  It's weird to think I only need to pass because on every other test I've taken, I strive to get the best grade I can.   Tuesday, I just need to pass.  I want to open that envelope that will come in 6 weeks to see the words P-A-S-S.  I CAN DO IT!   I beat cancer, I definitely can beat this test!!

I had another yearly check up a few weeks ago.  My scan came back with no evidence of cancer (whew!) however, my colon was inflamed again like it was 2 years ago.  I think my Docs are on vacation because I haven't heard anything.  I haven't been having any GI symptoms so I'm sure that it's nothing and it could have just been from eating poorly (my scan was right around finals time and I tend to "stress eat!")

I also made my celebrity debut on the EPSY awards (ha!).  Awhile back ESPN saw a photo I had posted on Instagram (@SILLEE10) and asked permission to use it for Jimmy V week.  Um, of course they can!!  Well, that was months ago and I never saw anything with it.  Lo and behold, during the Espy's a couple weeks ago, they had a commercial about cancer and survivors and my picture was in it!!  Watch closely, you  may see someone familiar!

I officially started my pet sitting business in January as well.  If you or someone you know ever needs someone to care for your pets, I'm here for you!

Check out my website at:

So that's the update from now.  Please say a prayer for me that I will see that magical P word!!  :)

Love you all--


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