Sunday, August 7, 2016

Day 7: 21 Day Cleanse

Holy Moly!  I survived ONE WHOLE WEEK!!!  I never thought in a millions years I could do this, but you know what?  When I put my mind to something I get it done.  I still have 2/3 to go, but 1/3 done with this cleanse!!  Tomorrow starts 6 days of no meat though.  I have never, ever done this in my life either.  I wonder how it will go?  I surely hope I am not hungry all the time.  I did spend about 2.5 hours today meal prepping for the week (more on that later on).  Like I mentioned yesterday I'm house sitting.  I slept good last night, but I kept waking up every 2 hours for some reason.  I wanted nothing more than a hot cup of coffee this AM to get me going, but my decaf had to do.  Now I'm out of it and will have to stick with herbal tea for the remainder of the time that I'm here (I'm too lazy to go buy any more decaf K-cups!)  And, the tea is better for me anyways!  I started my day off with a great yoga class this morning.  Nothing like a good stretch to end the week.

Here is what my food intake was like today:

Breakfast:  smoothie (2 scoops OptiCleanse GHI vanilla protein powder, 1 cup organic baby spinach and 1 cup organic mixed berries)

Lunch:  1 turkey burger with some mustard, 1/2 cup jasmine rice and 1 carrot.

Snack:  1/2 chicken patty (plain), 1 carrot, 1 brown rice cake w/ 1 TBSP almond butter and a drizzle of raw honey

Dinner:  Wild Mahi Mahi baked filet and 1/2 cup jasmine rice.

Dessert:  1 scoop OptiCleanse GHI vanilla protein powder mixed with water.

Todays calories:  1222 (I had some nuts that I didn't count, nor the honey)--40% Carbs, 22% Fat and 38% Protein. Tomorrow I'll weigh myself at Team AfterBurn and I hope to be down a few pounds.  I feel like I am!!


I went to my house this afternoon to do some meal prepping after a stop at Sprouts.  I bought all organic veggies for my meal prep.  This is what I prepped:

Homemade Pesto:  pine nuts, extra virgin olive oil, basil, lemon and garlic.  I've never made fresh pesto before, it's delicious.

Black bean and sweet potato "burgers".  Well, I tried to make them burgers but they didn't really stick together.  So, I just made it all together.  I'll eat some of this this week with some organic romaine as a lettuce wrap burger.  Here is the recipe:  Sweet Potato Black Bean Burger

Lentil, sweet potato and spinach soup.  This doesn't look the most appealing, but it sure is tasty.  And I could probably live off soup every day even if it is 110 out (which it is.)  Here is the recipe:  Lentil Spinach Soup

A giant tub of salad that I can dish out to bring salads this week.  What's in it?  Organic romaine lettuce, organic baby spinach, jicama, cucumber, mushrooms, chickpeas, carrots and radish.  I'll dress it with Bragg's Healthy Vinaigrette dressing.  

And last, I made a healthy pasta dish.  I found this awesome quinoa macaroni pasta at Costco and it looked so good and it's organic.  So I boiled some up, mixed it up with the homemade pesto I made and then tossed in some onion, cucumber, celery and jicama.  Sounds delicious to me!

And then I had to cart it all over to the house I'm house sitting at so I can eat healthy and meat-less all week!  I also bought some fruit (nectarines, peaches, apples) and avocado for some snacks.  I have my brown rice cakes and almond butter as well.  Oh, I also have a breakfast recipe to make with some quinoa I have leftover, but I haven't assembled that yet.    Here is the recipe for it though:  Blueberry Breakfast Quinoa

I think that's the update from here.  Be sure to follow me this week as I embark on "no meat" Monday thru Saturday.  I can do it.  That cheese in their fridge sure looks good though....

Till tomorrow--hope your weekend was amazing!


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